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Re: Richmond Laser Aogami Super 240mm Gyuto vs Goko

Wed Aug 21, 2013 6:22 am

AS Laser choil shot:

However, what the choil shot doesn't show is that above the area where the blade has the bead blasting on it is hollow ground to the spine. People see the choil shot and assume that the whole blade is that fat, but it isn't. It tapers off like 1cm in front of the heel and the spine is right at or under 2mm for most of the blade. It is 4mm or so coming out of the handle, but quickly tapers down. This gives you a laser behind the edge and good convexing farther up the blade, and then a slight hollow from around 1/2 way up the blade to the spine.

The edge holds up well and the cutting performance is stellar.

Re: Richmond Laser Aogami Super 240mm Gyuto vs Goko

Thu Aug 22, 2013 11:15 pm

They are both great knives, but if I could only keep one, I'd keep the AS Laser and I'd keep it for two reasons. Its thinner and the steel is noticeably less chippy which lets me sharpen it to a steeper angle. The thinness and the steep angle combined makes it feel a lot sharper than the Goko.

The Laser is thinner, but I cant say I've found that a problem. I smash garlic and pretty much cut anything that on the board, cept bone and frozen stuff.

My 2c.

Re: Richmond Laser Aogami Super 240mm Gyuto vs Goko

Fri Aug 23, 2013 10:50 am

Yeah Yeah, Richmond Laser probably wins in raw performance and handle, BUT, the finish on the Goko's blade wins IMO, and personally, if it were for home use only and I was considering a possible rehandle in the future, then the Goko would win out. Just because the Goko is slightly thicker doesn't mean it's thick behind the edge, it still cuts incredibly well. Just not quite as thin as the Richmond. The steel in the Goko gets so very sharp, so very fast, but it won't hold as long. So, pro kitchen I'd say Laser right away, but home use it's really up to you IMO. :)
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