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Richmond Laser AEBL vs Richmond Laser Aogami Super

Wed Apr 10, 2013 10:57 am


Would you say your AO Laser is a better cutter than the AEB-L version? Could you compare the behavior of the AEB-L and AO Laser with the Carter White #1 that I got from you?

Warm regards,

Re: Richmond Laser AEBL vs Richmond Laser Aogami Super

Wed Apr 10, 2013 11:03 am

Hi Larry,

Carter's knives are hard to compare since each one is different. They're usually good but I would have to try your particular knife to know.

My laser AEB-L is really nice and fully stainless. It sharpens up easily and holds it's edge well. It has a nice grind and good finish. AEB-L is one of my favorite stainless steels for knives.

My laser Aogami is made with one of my favorite carbon steels. Aogami super is a little harder to sharpen then some other carbon steels but it's edge holding is excellent and these knives have excellent grinds on them. They're made by a different blacksmith than the AEB-L knives so they are really not that similar. The knives are clad and the edge will oxidize so you need to keep it dry.

There are a few other guys that have tried both so maybe they will hop on and recommend one over the other.

Re: Richmond Laser AEBL vs Richmond Laser Aogami Super

Wed Apr 10, 2013 12:39 pm

This is hard to answer absolutely....what's better for one might not be better for another. Add to that, as Mark stated, Carter's knives are not absolutely consistent and we've got a recipe for misinformation. :)

Based on the average Carter normal knife I've owned and the many I've seen for various reasons and not including the AS Laser as I've never seen it:

To answer it as vaguely as possible....LMBO....they will both cut very similarly. Carter's knives are very thin at the edge, as is the AEBL Laser. I've heard the AS Laser is also very thin at the edge. So, at the end of the day, they all will likely cut very similarly.

I don't think you'd see a measurable difference in cutting ability. Are there differences, sure....but they're pretty minute.

Re: Richmond Laser AEBL vs Richmond Laser Aogami Super

Wed Apr 10, 2013 1:17 pm


I have never used a Carter so I cannot comment there.

I have used a friend's AEB-L Laser and I own a AS Laser.

Both are great cutters and both are very thin behind the edge. I have not sharpened the stainless laser but I own another AEB-L knife so I can use that for comparison. The AS does take a little longer to sharpen but not enough to bother me in the slightest. They both take very keen edges. In terms of edge retention, the experts here say that AS will hold an edge a little longer, which I'm sure is true. A novice sharpener like me can't really tell the difference though. IMHO, AEB-L and Aogami Super are my favorite stainless and carbon steels, respectively.

In terms of cutting performance, I (in my biased opinion) prefer the AS. It may be slightly thinner behind the edge and I prefer the AS's profile and geometry. The little extra heft from the cladding helps the AS fall through the food a little easier.

Lastly, in terms of sheer aesthetics, I really prefer the AS. The cladding line is a thing of beauty and I appreciate my bubinga handle much more than the basic ho wood used on most of the AEB-L lasers.

Both are awesome knives which I highly recommend. You honestly can't go wrong with either. I think it basically comes down to whether you want stainless or clad carbon.
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