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Richmond knives characteristics

Sun Apr 21, 2013 10:19 am


Is there anyone who can tell me the profile, geometry and other characteristics of the Richmond knives? What are the differences? I've got an Artifex myself and can imagine that a Laser is quite thin.

However, Addict, Fanatic, Ultimatum? And of course, a ZDP-189 is made of ZDP-189 and a Dasmascus of damascus, but what are their other characteristics?


Re: Richmond knives characteristics

Mon Apr 22, 2013 8:40 am

Oh, this is going to be interesting....LMBO!!

From what I recall:

Artifex: Entry level knife...uses great steels...keeps the price down with inexpensive construction techniques...good F&F....a little thicker behind the edge in stock form. Kind of a standard gyuto profile....maybe a touch narrower.

Addict: Comes in different variations and I believe is made by at least 2 or 3 different makers. The addict is more about the overall profile. You'd have to compare each individually. One is made by Konosuke, one by Lamson, and not sure if there is a third maker or not. All I've seen have been good knives with varying characteristics. All share the same profile as best I could tell....that standard, wider profile.

Fanatic: License plate...never seen one. Yack!!

Ultimatum: Mid level geometry for a gyuto (not thick, not thin). Uses the "funayuki gyuto" profile from the Masamoto KS, Suisin Inox Honyaki style knives. Narrower blade, great geometry.

Laser: Very thin knife with more of a standard gyuto profile.

Damascus: A knife made in Japan, uses ATS314 as a steel (don't know a thing about it). Good profiles, mid to upper thickness edge profile, pretty patterns

ZDP: Great knives....only ever seen a santoku though. Was nice, had a nice grind, quite thin....don't know much more than that.

Re: Richmond knives characteristics

Mon Apr 22, 2013 10:50 pm

all i know about ATS314 is that it's steel that's used for shears / scissors in japan....


Re: Richmond knives characteristics

Tue Apr 23, 2013 9:02 am

Mark, what are your ideas?

Re: Richmond knives characteristics

Wed Apr 24, 2013 2:47 am

Artifex: Micarta handle, no bolster, may be a touch fat behind the edge for some people's tastes, but it can be thinned easily. Steel is usually AEB-L, very nice Stainless Steel and there have been some 52100 210mm gyuto's and M390 210mm gyuto's made in the series. Some 80mm paring knives in 52100, 12C27, AEB-L and CPM154 have also been made. Entry level knives, but good quality steel. Some find the handles too small or too short if they have larger hands.

Addict 2: Taller chef knife, 240mm blade in AEB-L, CPM154 and 52100. Taller blade, so the grind is a little flatter than the Artifex. Wa handles usually with Black Pakkawood ferrule and Rosewood handle, but there are some Bubinga or PurpleHeart handle options now. Handles are nicely sized for larger hands. The blade may be a little less thick behind the edge than the Artifex but with less convexing maybe, but benefits from a thinning. The Kono Addict 2 is the same basic profile, but with a more convex/thinner behind the edge Japanese style grind to it.

Both the Addict 2 and Artifex are made in the US, same with the Remedy and Fanatic IIRC and Ultimatum.

Ultimatum: 52100, 19C27 and M390 are US made, HD2 is Japanese made. Masamoto KS profile, very thin tip section. The blade has a strong convex grind to it that may take some getting used to. Blade is kind of short height wise. Wa handles on these normally.

Laser AEB-L and AS IIRC are both made in Japan. Ho or nicer Wa handles on them, should all cut very well and not need a thinning. Maybe a nicer finish than on some of the US made knives in terms of blade finish, but I don't have one in person to check out.

Damascus and ZDP lines are also made in Japan IIRC, but haven't seen/used one yet.

Re: Richmond knives characteristics

Wed Apr 24, 2013 12:15 pm

Just to add before I get back to grinding real fast...

The 19c27 and 52100 Ultimatums are slightly thicker than the M390 version. Not sure if the next batches are going to change this or not, I kind of personally hope they don't, but they probably will. (Purely personal preference, you can argue the M390's perform better, but I like the feel of the heavier one myself)

Re: Richmond knives characteristics

Wed Apr 24, 2013 9:09 pm

I can speak to the Damascus a bit more as I have one. the geometry on the blade is fantastic. It is fairly thick at the spine but as thin as almost anything out there behind the edge which comes very sharp. I have not found that the thickness of the spine at all hurts the cutting performance.

As to the ATS314 I work in a military galley serving roughly 25 people two meals a day or more. The knife sees use almost every day and I can tell you the factory edge took several months to degrade to the point where is needed sharpening. For comparison I was using a Kono HD is the same manner before the Damascus and it stayed sharp for maybe a month tops.

My one complaint/ suggestion on the Damascus is that the handle is just way too thin and light for how much steel is in the blade. I would suggest is you wanted to go that route that you get a fatter/ bigger handle installed before it ships.

On the Artifex I would echo what others have said about being thick behind the edge. The knife I had struggles with the factory grind, I generally find that tends wedge during most cutting tasks. If you would like to go this route I would seriously consider having taz or one of the other sharpeners thin the knife before you receive it.
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