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Richmond AS laser petty

Mon Dec 16, 2013 7:58 pm

Hi, I am writing this email because I would like to know if it is possible to special order a Richmond Laser AS Paring Knife? If I can't request it specially, I'd like to know what the chances of them ever becoming available are, I don't see them on CKTG website. I've been eyeballing other paring knives but I own a 240mm Richmond Laser AS and I figure that it doesn't hurt to go with what I already know works for me.

If nothing else, I can always get the Artifex or a different paring knife.


Re: Richmond AS laser petty

Mon Dec 16, 2013 8:00 pm

Yes all the laser AS knives are on this section page.

You can enter your email on the item page for the 120mm petty and I'll notify you when they're in stock.
I have them on order and I should have everything back in stock in the next few weeks.

Re: Richmond AS laser petty

Mon Dec 16, 2013 8:08 pm

MARK <> He's asking for a paring knife (aka 75-95mm)... like the one I drilled you for a year or two back. I had to finally purchase elsewhere.


Re: Richmond AS laser petty

Mon Dec 16, 2013 10:18 pm

I appreciate how quick you posted this topic; it will serve as an area where I can pick some brains about other paring knife options.

Melampus is on the right track, I am looking for a paring knife rather then a petty; I understand that petty's are considered the Japanese version of a paring knife, however after viewing a few more of the full size images I'm reconsidering limiting myself to just a paring knife and instead getting a 120mm petty instead; can a few people who own petty knives weigh in on their effectiveness acting as paring knives?

Since this is doubling as a topic for picking out my next knife I'll post my specs.


1. Are you right handed? - Right Handed, yes.
2. What type of knife are you interested in - Paring, considering Petty after some discussion.
3. What size knife are you looking for 80-120mm, will decide after some discussion.
4. Do you prefer carbon or stainless steel? - I have a high carbon steel knife and love it, but I hear that the more advanced stainless [AEBL] get just as sharp.
5. Do you prefer a western handle or a Japanese handle? Japanese by a hair, as long as it's a good handle I don't care as much as I'm good with either.
6. How much did you want to spend? Nothing? :D - Around 100$, 150$ if I can truly justify it.
7. Do you know how to sharpen? I'm probably receiving my first set this holiday season, and I have the money to buy it personally if I don't.


Some prospective paring knives thus far:


Really more of an eyecandy thing, I can't bring myself to spend more then I did on my gyuto for a paring knife. It looks like a fabulous knife but that price tag SMARTS. If it goes on sale or drops in price then I'll swoop in on it but I just can't spend that kind of money on a paring knife right now. Out of Stock anyway


It's AS which is a steel I know I like, the price is right, but the handle looks off to me for some reason. Could be my eyes but what do you guys think.


Artifex, I know Mark makes good knives and this one is economical and if it gets the performance that I've come to love from your knives it's a bargain.


I've started looking at petty's too.


It was a real toss-up between an HD2 or a Richmond Laser AS when I was going for a gyuto; I might take this as an opportunity to test the HD2 line but it's out of stock. ; (


Not sure yet, I have a good feeling about this one however.


On the very edge of my price point, but I own it as a gyuto and can not say enough good things about it. Also out of stock. :c

Of course, I'm just as glad to consider any other knife suggestions; this is just a small selection of what I'm considering out of your vast stock.



Re: Richmond AS laser petty

Tue Dec 17, 2013 12:05 am

MERL <> You have a lot to cover there, for sure. And first, let's not get caught up in petty vs paring semantics... howbout we just talk length. (peanut gallery - quiet!)

I, for one, do not like paring with a 120. Maybe for turning artichokes, but outside of that... uh uh. I prefer a 95 for my everyday paring knife as it performs most efficiently for me. I do enjoy the precision a 75 allows, but I also find it too limiting to act as my everyday go-to. To give you a picture, my typical daily kit is a 95 petty, a 150 petty (on the tall side), and a 240 or 270 gyuto. This covers all my bases for typical service. Obviously purpose specific knives are used on butchering days, on sushi days, on filleting days, etc., but the former is my layout. If I were stuck to two at home, it would be hands down a 95 & either a long 210 or a 240.

100mm Takeda: I have not used it, but I do believe I would LOVE it from studying the pic & using his AS before. Agreed I would never pay $240 for a paring knife... never at my net worth, at least.

The Dojo's handle looks simple & on the small side which is why I thought of it for you; I thought I read you wanted small & short... IIRC. It is more substantial than say a thin Forschner fibrox, but definitely not robust like a Wa. This knife is an 80, as well. It creates a slight limitation, but really excels on small tasks.

The Artifex looks to be your standard Western paring. A Yo more robust than the Dojo, but still not as robust as a Wa.

The Kono & Moritaka petties are too short for me. I don't like a steak knife profile as a utility knife; I prefer a mini gyuto like the Kanehiro<--link, the Tanaka<--link, the Richmond AS Laser<--link, the Masakage<--link that I have some knuckle clearance with, that I can walk a mince with, that I can push cut with, that I can rock if need be... while still doing nearly everything a short blade can do.. and do it well, if needed.

The AS Laser is my favorite off your list, but still I wouldn't buy a 120. That's just my two cents...

Re: Richmond AS laser petty

Tue Dec 17, 2013 8:48 am

Merlin & Melampus - I was pretty impressed with the Tojiro DP 90mm Paring: http://www.chefknivestogo.com/todppakn90.html. It's got a similar blade shape as the Masakage (I assume?) in your photo. The Richmond paring knife that Mark sent did not have any neck/choil to speak of and I'd be truly concerned about getting cuts from the heel of the blade during use. One product reviewer even mentioned this. Mark did create some other versions of his paring knife with different steels that did have a better blade design, but those are not in stock at the moment.

Re: Richmond AS laser petty

Tue Dec 17, 2013 12:13 pm

STEVE <> Pictured is an Asai Enji. CKTG does not carry any wa-parers. As of my conversations a year or two ago, Mark had explained he just doesn't have enough demand for them, and IIRC, he does not like how the Wa's act on a 75 & 95mm parer. Admittedly, after getting one, I learned it does project the blade too far away from tang center line for my taste. It was a 75mm, and I will still pick up a 95 for testing at some point. They're not cheap though. :?

Re: Richmond AS laser petty

Wed Dec 18, 2013 4:48 am

I have been looking for a 75-90 petty as well a kohetsu in this size would be a good choice

Re: Richmond AS laser petty

Wed Dec 18, 2013 10:34 am

I too have been looking for a wa handled paring. The one you posted Mel, looks like a nice knife, but I can see that it would not be ideal for use in hand. If the blade profile was more parallel with the handle, I think it would perform better in the hand. You would lose performance on the board , but IMO a paring is mainly for use in hand anyway, petty for board work, in most cases. This is just me. I can see that the further you move that edge away from the handle, or skew the angle away from your hands natural drawing or closing motion, it will be somewhat awkward. Mel, have you tried flattening out the profile of that blade at all? Just wondering. I don't think I'd have the guts to do that unless I was ready to give up on it. I looked that maker up and saw they have one made out of aogami that has a flatter profile and looks like a takeda at first glance. Wonder if mark could, or has any interest in getting these. If your not stuck on a wa handle, The dojo looks nice as well as the artifex.
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Re: Richmond AS laser petty

Wed Dec 18, 2013 10:35 am

JIM <> I'm all for CKTG having a 75 & 95 wa-parer, but Mark hasn't been into the idea. I can show you e-mail after e-mail of me requesting one, but I gotta say I would not prefer a parer in as thin a design as the Kohetsu. I mean I'd never know until it was in hand, but personally, I prefer a bit of heft & integrity in my parers as they are apt to get used in some rougher applications. A thinned out Hamon<--link would be more my style, I think.

edit below: adding in reply to last post as we posted at same time

I've found Asai does VG-10 really well, and they offer 75 & 95 wa's in it.

They also put out an SG-2, in the same sizes:

They also put out an AS, in the same sizes:

Your comments about centerline echo my earlier comments so yes, I agree, but flattening the belly would do little about the distance from the chin to tang-centerline... which is my issue. I could see employing a more upswept spine to bring the whole edge higher on centerline while keeping the the tip dropped low so you still have it close to centerline.
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