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Richmond Artifex vs Richmond Laser

Thu Oct 11, 2012 9:43 am

Hi Mark and crew,

First a big thank you for your service and excellent Richmond knives. Is there a difference in the Artifex and Laser steel used? You write that the Laser steel is heat treated but I cannot find a reference to that process in your write ups about the Artifex. Is this the main difference?

Thanks for your time.


Re: Richmond Artifex vs Richmond Laser

Thu Oct 11, 2012 9:47 am

Hi Robert,

The steel used on the Laser is AEB-L which is the same steel as the Artifex. In that regard the knives are the same.

The Artifex is made in the USA by my partner Lamson. The Laser is made in Japan by one a small company in Sakai. There's a small difference in the way they're heat treated and a big difference in the way the knives are ground. The lasers are finish ground by hand with exceptional grinds. Also the handles are completely different which is obvious.

If you have any other questions please let me know.
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