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Richmond Artifex Review

Fri Jun 08, 2012 6:54 pm

Richmond Artifex
Name: Tim
Location (City, State): CT
I picked up an Artifex recently and have been using it over the past few weeks. I gotta say up front that I greatly prefer Carbon blades in terms of sharpening and the edge they can take, but the AEB-L is growing on me! Out of the box, I got the factory edge. The factory edge was very bitey and aggressive and fairly coarse, but it cut great! Tomatoes were no problem and there was no wire edge felt. I used it for a while with the factory edge and then took it to the stones. Beston 1200 grit, Rika 5K, then a 8K stone and stropped on a laminate strop between each stone to remove the wire edge/burr. It took an edge very close to my carbon blades at this point! Sharp and smooth, yet still a bit toothy. I used it some more on onions, mushrooms, steak, chicken, peppers, etc and it performed well. Not much wedging on the onions and I could push straight down to cut through the thawed chicken breast. The 210mm length was pretty handy for smaller cutting jobs where I didn’t need one of my 240mm gyuto’s. The factory handle is very comfortable and smooth. Handle to tang fitting was awesome, nicely rounded and blended with the tang and handles nice and flush. The spine was very nicely rounded out as well. For $70, it’s a great blade!!

Re: Richmond Artifex Review

Tue Jun 12, 2012 1:26 am

I just found out that one of my friends got this knife as a gift and I saw him using it at school. I asked him how he liked it and all he said was "the price is right!" hahah ok bob! i told him. but all jokes aside he said he really liked it! he needs help sharpening it but with everything i learned on this forum i can help him now! thanks a lot Mark!
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