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Richmond Aogami Super vs. Kohetsu Aogami Super?

Sat Sep 07, 2013 4:48 pm

Hi friends,

Can anyone weigh in on the differences between the Richmond Laser Aogami Super vs. the Kohetsu Aogami Super? To be more specific I've been looking for a 150mm Petty and Nakiri and both of these lines sound appealing.

Of course other recommendations are welcome as well.
I won't rule out reactive carbon blades,
Wa handle preferred,
and I'd like to stay under $200 per knife.


Re: Richmond Aogami Super vs. Kohetsu Aogami Super?

Sat Sep 07, 2013 8:48 pm

I have both, a 240mm gyuto and Nakiri in the AS Laser series and the 210mm gyuto in the Kohetsu. The Kohetsu is much thinner/lighter overall, with awesome grinds and heat treating. Edge holding is great on it! The AS Laser is a little thinner directly behind the edge, and has more convexing to the sides, but it gets thicker near the halfway point up the blade and then the grind tapers back to the spine. The AS Laser has a great HT and edge taking and holding is awesome as well. Cutting performance is very good, but it is more of a workhorse type knife (heavier weightwise, more convexing), but stupidly thin behind the edge. If you want lightweight laser type performance, go with the Kohetsu. If you want something a little thicker/heavier that almost cuts with it's own weight, look at the AS Laser. Both have excellent steel, HT and grinds, but they are different in their grinds.

I found that the 2 knives cut differently in the gyuto's that I can give a more equal comparison. The Kohetsu did very well in sweet potatoes, where the AS Laser gyuto cracked the taller sweet potatoes a touch more because of the more convex sides pushing the food apart. The AS Laser Nakiri did better on the sweet potatoes than the AS gyuto did. Proteins, the Kohetsu and AS Laser were equal. Soft foods, the AS Laser cuts more effortlessly due to the extra weight (partly from the custom handle I installed, which was heavier than stock handle), but the Kohetsu still cuts well due to the thinness of the blade and the grind. IE, regular potatoes, AS Laser falls thru with a little nudge on it's own, Kohetsu needed a tiny bit more effort, but not much. Less blade weight means it won't fall thru foods as easily. Stuff like onions, peppers, mushrooms, etc, the AS Lasers and Kohetsu seem fairly close performance wise.

F&F, the Kohetsu has better F&F out of the box (no sharp edges on spine/choil), choil needs some work on the AS Lasers as does the spine.

I am guessing with the Nakiri's and Petty's, there would be less difference in performance since they are both lighter weight and thinner in general, so I think it would be a toss up!

If you want to go all carbon, look at the Tanaka Sekiso series. I have the 150mm petty and 165mm Nakiri in that series and they work very very well, take and hold a wicked edge and cut like crazy.

Re: Richmond Aogami Super vs. Kohetsu Aogami Super?

Sun Sep 08, 2013 10:07 pm

Thanks for the detailed response! I had been eyeing that Tanaka Sekiso series as well! Good point on the Nakiri and Petty already being lighter and thinner types in general which really makes it a tough decision if that reduces rather than emphasizes the differences between the two lines. It will still be a toss up as I wait for these items to become available but thanks to your comparisons I'll have a bit more knowledge to make a decision before I place an order. For the veg prep and small ingredients I usually work with it sounds like they will perform similarly for my needs.

Man, so many to choose from... so little cash. In addition to everything mentioned above now I'm considering adding a Murata to my order just to check it out and if I wait and save up enough, maybe I can splurge on a Takeda.

Re: Richmond Aogami Super vs. Kohetsu Aogami Super?

Sun Sep 08, 2013 10:32 pm

I got to check out a Murata Funy today and it is pretty nice!! Very thin behind the edge, I would get that over a 150mm petty since it has a nice pointy tip and is tall enough to use it on a board. It also had a fairly long flat spot, so if you just want the Nakiri for smaller stuff, that may do very well for you. Larger foods, like potatoes, onions, etc, the Nakiri would work a bit better with the extra edge length.

I would do the Murata Funy and either of the Kohetsu/Laser AS Nakiri's. Or get the 210mm Kohetsu gyuto, it does nearly as well in veggies as my Nakiri's do.

Re: Richmond Aogami Super vs. Kohetsu Aogami Super?

Mon Sep 09, 2013 12:16 am

Oh that Murata Funayuki looks nice. I hadn't even considered a shorter funayuki instead of a petty until you mentioned it.

The more I look at it, the more I think that I'll have to get that Murata Funayuki. Thanks again for the great tip!

As for a gyuto, I may wait around for the HAP40 to show up.
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