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Replacing King waterstones.

Mon Oct 29, 2012 10:04 am


I am looking to replace a set of waterstones, as I have recently lost my stones during travel. My previous set was a King 240, Norton 1k & 4k, and also a King 8k. I had started with Norton combo stones and had moved into individual stones as time passed, which made the investment nearly imperceptible. Now, facing a complete setup, I want to get the best results and value, and I see the $200-250 range for a wide variety of stones.

I am a woodworker and use these stones virtually every day, and am intrigued by the Naniwa Chosera and Shapton lines, due to their splash and go technologies and their resistance to hollowing, although I flatten at the end of each session anyhow. What perplexes me about these, and especially the Shapton Glass stones, is how much difference will I see and feel versus my previous setup? I have never used natural stones, but I imagine even synthetics vary from one make to another. Will the Shapton Glass stones last as long as their Pro line and/or the Chosera? I'm sorry for all the questions, but I will be living with these for a long while (hopefully) and want to make a solid decision.

Also, my plane irons are primarily O1, but I have several A2, with a couple A2 Cryo's as well. My chisels are mostly high carbon (old Stanley and Buck Brothers) but also have Lie-Nielsen chisels, which are A2 Cryo.

In the meantime, I am resorting to the Tormek, which I find tedious and not the most satisfactory.

As to flattening these, is the Shapton diamond plate required, or can I use a DMT stone instead? And in which grit would you recommend? My previous method was float glass and sandpaper, and, as crude as it sounds, a CMU (concrete block) for the King 240! Clearly, I am trying to emerge from the Dark Ages here...

Thanks for any guidance you can provide. I came across this site via a discussion board which mentioned you had the best prices...which still holds true today. I trust your service is the best, as well. Thanks again,


Re: Replacing King waterstones.

Mon Oct 29, 2012 10:31 am

Thanks, Mark, for posting my email on here. Bring on some replies! ;-)

Re: Replacing King waterstones.

Mon Oct 29, 2012 12:33 pm

Ha...I still use a CMU block on ocassion to flatten a really dished stone....I follow that with the DMT XXC though.

Random thoughts:

DMT XXC is a great flattening plate. Others say the Atoma 140 is a bit better, but I've never tried to verify. The DMT XXC does all I need and has for years of use. Never used the Shapton Diamond Plate either.

As I recall, the Shapton Glass Stones were actually developed for tool steels, so they would likely perform very well for you.

My complaint...really only complaint....with the Glass Stones was their feedback/feel. They are extremely hard and I never cared for that much. The Shapton Pro's were similar. I liked stones with more feedback/feel so I ended up with

DMT XXC (no feel really, but not needed here)
Beston 500
Bester 1,200
Suehiro Rika
Naniwa 10k SS

I've sharpened my fair share of chisels on this set, but I can imagine a slightly harder stone would be easier for the specific task.
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