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Red Brick problem

Tue Oct 01, 2013 7:20 am

I recently purchased a batch of waterstones from you guys after spending probably 20-30 hours trolling around your site and watching videos. Of the three stones I purchased, the imanishi 1k red brick was the one I was most certain of after reading the reviews and watching the videos. However, on recieving and using it I found that one side of the stone had large (visible) yellowish specks in it that may (I am assuming they are the cause but am not 100% positive) be causing issues.
I started using the stone on a house knife at my restaurant and immediately felt something granular catching the edge of the knife. I then lapped the stone (using the 140 grit dmt plate I also purchased from you) and could still feel what felt like a tiny grain of sand or something rolling around the surface of the stone. I repeatedly washed and attempted to lap the stone with the same results. I can even see with the naked eye the scratch marks across the surface of the stone from whatever it was that was rolling around and gouging the stone (I can almost feel them with my callused beaten to shit fingertips). I then flipped the stone to the side with the japenese writing and promptly sharpened a knife to a gorgeous almost perfect 1k 'finish' with no problem whatsoever.
I am wondering if this is a common thing and I should just plan on using the one side of the stone, as in they created the mixture for this stone, poured it in a mould and then baked it and were expecting any thicker particles to settle to the bottom with the expectation that people would just not use that side of the stone? If so how much of the base of the stone is going to be 'unusable'? I am not particularly worried about wearing this enormous brick of a stone all the way through, but I was hoping to be able to swap sides between lapping. As that feeds my ocd desire to keep things clean and even.

Re: Red Brick problem

Tue Oct 01, 2013 7:25 am

Hi Ivan,

I've heard of this before once or twice and I actually had a guy send me one back. I lapped it a few times and that fixed the problem. My guess is you are correct that some contaminant like grit from a rougher stone or something lodged onto the stone when it was still setting up and that's why you felt it on one side and not the other. I usually only sharpen on one side since it's easier to keep the base flat if you don't use it. Lots of people do lap and use both sides and I would suggest you just lap the bad side each time you lap the good side until the problem goes away and then use both sides going forward. Make sense? I learned on the red brick and the sanyo and I still often use both of them so I think you'll enjoy it going forward. If you continue to get big particles after you lap it 10 times let me know and I'll give you a deal on a replacement.
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