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Recommending a Knife

Thu Nov 29, 2012 6:12 am

I'm very fortunate in that I have the opportunity to go behind the scenes of many very popular restaurants in my area here in Nova Scotia and pick up knives. Over the last couple of years I've replaced the mobile sharpening service they formerly used and they trust me with their personal knives.

So with that trust in mind, I'd like to start introducing Japanese knives to them, the ones that Mark sells. Most of them already own MAC's, Shun, Kasumi and such but only one that I am know of owns a hand made, Japanese knife. I think that once they got their hands on one and saw what they are capable of they would be thrilled.

Today I will meet with a very well known Executive Chef, he is an award winning chef and he loves his knives and we always chat about the process of sharpening (he fired the mobile service) so I don't take the fact that he spends time with me for granted. I know that it is not easy for chefs of his calibre to hand over their knives to someone but he just doesn't have the time to take care of them himself. (Nor is he obsessed with sharpening and Japanese Water Stones)

So I plan on showing him a Richmond Addict, 24omm Gyuoto:

Now, if I was an intelligent man, I would have bought one of these and had one to display and let him try out. Unfortunately I was not forward thinking enough, and Christmas is coming, so I will have to enlighten him with a virtual tour of CKtG.

He is just one of many Chefs that I deal with and I'm sure that they would love to get their hands on one these knives, at least one to have in their knife roll.

Is this a good knife to get them started?

Eventually, I will have one to actually show them, all in good time, for now I am just seeking your advice on what knife to show these fine folks. As I said, I have gained their trust, this will not be the first time CKtG has been mentioned to them by me.

This idea struck me recently because one Chef, a true knife lover and exceptional gentleman did have 2 beautiful Japanese knives. Once I saw how exquisitely sharp they became and how relatively easy they were to sharpen, I knew that other Chefs would appreciate them.

Re: Recommending a Knife

Thu Nov 29, 2012 9:16 am

SAILOR <> I have been a professional Chef for almost 23 years; commanding 3 Executive Chef posts along the way & one thing I have noticed is that knife profile is a very personal preference.

I think that presenting an Addict is positive in that, the Crucible Steel will be far superior to what they are using. I think that @185grams it will be lighter then & @2.5mm thick it will be not such a far cry from what they're used to allowing an easier transition. My concern is the Addict's insane height, and I preface that with the old adage, "one mans trash is another's treasure." I can only speak from over two decades of learning from, working with & teaching hundreds of Chefs/cooks, but I'm hard pressed to remember any Chef, not cook, that preferred a crazy tall blade. They are simply less versatile. I can use one, well, but it's not enjoyable... for me. In my humble opinion, the Addict's profile is a prep cook knife's profile.

I think that if the goal is to push one of Mark's knives on an experienced Chef w/exceptional knife skills, the Ulitimatum or Laser is a far better choice. You cant go wrong w/19c27 or AEB-L, and I think the profile on the Ultimatum & the weight on the Laser are much more pertinent performance factors to someone worth their salt...

With that said, a Laser takes getting used to, and the unique feedback can be interpreted as weakness off the bat. I think that a laser offers a huge shock which you might not want for a presentation.

I say go with an Ultimatum.

Re: Recommending a Knife

Thu Nov 29, 2012 9:26 am

Exactly the type of response I was hoping for, thank you for taking the time to help me out.

The Ultimatum it is, I was actually thinking about that one as well.


Re: Recommending a Knife

Thu Nov 29, 2012 1:05 pm

PETER <> Glad to help. :)
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