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Re-purposing my Wusthof

Sun Jul 07, 2013 4:24 pm

I am working as a prep cook/line cook and I just bought a Moritaka Supreme Series 240mm Gyuto to use as my knife for the vast majority of my work. I was wondering if I might re-purpose my Wusthof pro 10" to use on some of our veggies that are harder to get through(Sweet Potato, Yucca, etc.). I have never used a knife that is nearly as hard or will take as fine of an edge as the Moritaka, so I guess I have two questions.

1. Will my Moritaka just laugh at the sweet potatoes et al and rip right through them and still hold an awesome edge?
2. If not, can/should I repurpose my Wusthof to work on those veggies, and if I should, what angle should I put on the Wusthof to get the best results?

Re: Re-purposing my Wusthof

Sun Jul 21, 2013 4:42 pm

SMIDEY <> 1) That hard Mori AS will have no problems with roots such as sweet potatoes like Garnets, Jewels, Jerseys, others like Taro, etc.; start getting into denser stuff like Boniato & you're still fine with added focus paid to controlled decisiveness in your cuts; be clear at what angle entering & more importantly where you're exiting. Impact burring is common... especially on poly. Yucca has that same density, or close thereto, but that hard thick skin is your issue. Will your Mori have a problem, you ask. It's much more dependent on the bevel than the steel. One of the advantages of AS @Hrc65 is you can sharpen acutely... 22-24 included is feasible in a professional setting though at the cusp IMO. Now, if you have an 11 degree edge which will be like a scalpel in a kitchen, you're going to likely experience chipping in abusive scenarios like we're discussing. Can you bring your Mori to 20 on each side and blast through whatever you want? Yes, but then why do you own AS, you know?

In your case, prep/line, two chef's isn't that hard to manage. If I were you, I'd bring my Mori to as close as freehand allows to 13-14 each side, I'd bring my Wusthof to 20 on each side, and I'd bring both to work & use accordingly.
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