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Question about a Hollow Edge Nikiri

Thu Apr 11, 2013 12:19 pm

I have been using a Wustof Stamped 7" Hollow Edge Nikiri.
I'm wanting to upgrade.

I haven't been using it long but was shocked how fantastic it is for veggie prep.
I love the knife although it seems perhaps a little to flexble perhaps? (are they supposed to be?)

The hollow edge really seems to work well on this knife and the veggies just fall right off.

If I do upgrade, and get a knife without the hollow edge, won't the veggies just stick to the blade in irritating fashion?
It seems very few knives have that edge on CKTG and I'm wondering whether I should care or not.

I'd like to get a bargain, obviously and my budget is on the low side. I was hoping for under $125-ish.

Thank you for your suggestions.

Re: Question about a Hollow Edge Nikiri

Thu Apr 11, 2013 1:13 pm

Most would agree that the hollow ground edges are not beneficial thus you don't see them very often on high end knives. Most here will tell you they're a great marketing tool, not much else. In fact, most agree that they're detrimental to the knife as once you sharpen the knife enough to get into the hollow ground dimples, the knife is ruined.

Most likely, IMHO, there's something else helping with this. The blade finish, perhaps a slight convex grind, etc.

Here's a good nakiri close to your price range:


Here's one under your budget:


There are some others around your budget but they're carbon, or wa handled, and not sure if you want to go those routes or not. If you are, please let us know.

Re: Question about a Hollow Edge Nikiri

Thu Apr 11, 2013 1:53 pm

I would look at a cheap nakiri with a rough or Kurouchi finish, like the Tojiro Shirogami KU, Yamashin KU, Dojo, Tanaka KU, etc. The Tanaka KU (and his Sekiso Damascus series) are my 2 main Nakiri's that I use. Food will stay on the blade, but wipes off very easily or slides off itself. The Tojiro Shirogami is a bit thicker overall, so that may have more wedging, but I haven't used it much yet. The Yamashin should also release food well with the Kurouchi (KU) finish on it. The Dojo has a pattern in the sides of the knife which may help food release.

The Goko series should also work very well, too. It's a rougher finish on the sides, which helps food release. I had a Fujiwara Terayasu Nakiri with a similar finish and food slid right off.

The Dojo and Goko are both carbon core clad in SS, the others are carbon core, carbon outside, but the KU helps keep reactivity down. I have the Tanaka Sekiso Damascus Nakiri and it's awesome. The sides are polished, but very well convexed so food slides off easily.

Re: Question about a Hollow Edge Nikiri

Thu Apr 11, 2013 5:31 pm

I recently purchased the Goko Nakiri.
It is awesome. It is sharp out of the box and the glazed kurouchi doesn't add friction. This beast cuts veggies and protein great! :-P Stainless too, so less maintenance.
The only thing is it is out of stock. Don't know if you are willing to wait or if Mark knows the ETA.

Gary II

Re: Question about a Hollow Edge Nikiri

Thu Apr 11, 2013 8:25 pm

I've read that the dimples can work, but their placement has to be right...which on alot of knives isn't. The dimples have to be quite close to the edge...but like Mark noted, that may shorten the life or be weird for sharpening. I haven't used one personally, so i don't know alot more than that.

I'll second the Yamashin and the Goko.
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