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Re: Push cutting paper

Fri Dec 13, 2013 6:24 am

I want to make sure I'm understanding what "push cutting paper" is in other people's minds. What I have been doing is holding a piece of paper with my thumb and index finger and cutting WITH NO SLICING MOTION straight down into the paper. The farther away from my thumb/finger I can cut into the paper the better the edge. I saw this on a video either on this site or youtube. I believe the video was demonstrating the different spray grits sold here. The finer the grit and a properly formed edge will cut into the paper farther away from your fingers. This tests one spot on the edge at a time. Then I will cut into the edge and using a slicing motion from heel to tip I can determine where there is a burr or problem area on the edge. I do this with printer paper and phone book pages. As I was learning to get a better edge I was amazed the first time I could hold a piece of printer paper and using a slicing motion cut into the edge and slice a piece off. Phone book paper being so much thinner requires a sharper edge to do the same thing. Also, when pushing down into the paper the distance away from my fingers is much less. When I can push cut into phone book paper 1/4" away from my fingers I can increase the distance from my fingers to about an inch or so. I can use this to show improvement not only in the edge but mainly, improvement in my ability. Three months ago I needed the edge almost right up against my fingers to push cut down into phone book paper. Now on a good edge I can cut into the paper up to 1/4" away from my fingers. Printer paper being stiffer can be cut at about an inch away. Ok, this is about all I know about push cutting paper.

I'd like to take a moment to thank the folks here on this forum for my improvement in sharpening. My edges thank you people also. My edges like being able to cut cardboard, small limbs and no telling what else without struggling as much as they used to. So they asked me to thank everyone for them. My edges would have thanked you themselves but they don't know how to type. :)

Umberto, what are you doing with the paper towels? Are you cutting into an entire roll? I'm not understanding this. I may need pictures. :)

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