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 Post subject: Another help me choose a knife thread
PostPosted: Mon Nov 05, 2012 2:03 am 

Joined: Mon Nov 05, 2012 12:54 am
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Hey, I have been prowling around different forums and various sources trying to decide on a Wa-gyuto, scoping and prowling... hoping to find the answer but I think the more I research the more confused I become so I think I'm up for some recommendations.

I have used several ordinary knives which I have never been truly happy with and never really suited my style. I guess I was pretty ignorant to the whole knife world for a while. I picked up a Sugimoto 240mm Wa-gyuto and sujihiki about six months ago and was pretty amazed in the difference between that and the German steels I was using and I guess from there I kinda opened Pandora's Box. I have since picked up a whole set of water stones so I could learn to hone my sharpening skills. After several rookie errors, I eventually learnt to sharpen correctly and I set out to replace some of my existing knives. I had some holidays coming up (I live in Australia and spent about 2 months cruising around Europe and the UK, best thing I've ever done!) so I put it on hold until I got back.

I put a list together beforehand so I would remember what I would be ordering:
- Moritaka Super Steel Nakiri
- Moritaka Blue Honesuki
- Tojiro serrated bread knife
- Tojiro Petty
- Konosuke HD Wa-gyuto 240mm

All that was well and good until I realised the price of the Konosuke had gone up significantly since I left for Europe and there is also a 3 month waiting period before I will get my knife. So I've started researching again comparing to the konosuke and I'm in several different minds.. Do I go for something around the same price range as the old price of the konosuke? Should I stretch my budget and get myself something a little better than the konosuke? Or should I just order the Konosuke and just learn to accept that despite how annoying the price hike is that I'm still getting a good knife? Ah it's frustrating..

Anyway, I have compiled a few knives which I think I will like and compared them with the Konosuke but still can't find the answer so maybe some more experienced heads than my own will help. I am looking for a lightweight, ultra-thin laser style gyuto. My budget isn't a massive concern although I appreciate value for money. For arguments sake, I have been looking at knives from $200-$400. I have decided that I prefer stainless knives. I have a natural tendency toward push cutting and prefer knives with a gentle curve. I also prefer a bit of a taller knife although it's not a deciding factor. I want something fairly hard but as this will probably be my main "go to" knife, I don't want something that is going to be difficult to sharpen or something that I will find needs sharpening incredibly frequently. Here are some candidates.

- Konosuke HD: My previous choice, but with their price increase and delay, I'm not entirely sure whether it is worth the wait or not. I heard previously it was competitive with the Suisin which I guess had me gravitating toward it, but with the price difference between this and the Suisin, I thought maybe I'd be better of getting the Suisin instead
- Suisin Inox Honyaki: Seems to be the best performer overall, but also quite pricey
- Sakai Yusuke: Trying to find the "special thin" variety which used to sell on eBay but have yet to come across it. Out of stock maybe? I'm hoping they turn up on CKTG at some stage anyway. The standard one still seems like a pretty solid choice though if anyone can comment on that.
- Gesshin Ginga: Fetches for around 250 on JKI and seems like a pretty good buy based on measurements, but I haven't found much info on it yet. I noticed it was incredibly lightweight and seems like it could be a good value purchase (although they appear to be out of stock at the moment.. great)
- Tadatsuna: Another pricey option and another knife that seems to get some love. I don't know enough about it to really comment on it in comparison to the other knives.

I was also wondering whether a kiritsuke may be of use for me? I like the look of them mostly though haha.

How would you guys rate these knives in terms of their value for money, edge taking, durability etc? All of these seem like quality knives and seem to be highly regarded, but as I have never handled one I would like to get a bit of a comparison going before I fire away. I'm really excited to be making a purchase but I want to make sure I have an informed decision before I get trigger happy and realise the perfect knife for me was only a quick click away. If anyone else has other recommendations for knives I'll take a look as well.

Thanks in advance.

 Post subject: Re: Another help me choose a knife thread
PostPosted: Mon Nov 05, 2012 8:41 am 
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I'm of the belief that if you have an itch, scratch it. You wanted the Konosuke, and now you're trying to talk yourself out of it due to the price increase. If you can reach (afford) the itch, scratch (buy) it. :)

If not, and it's more about value, the there are other potential knives that will likely suit you well.

I know nothing of the Gesshin Gina, or Sakai Yusuke knives so I can't comment directly on them.

The Richmond Laser....out of stock, but a great less expensive alternative.

The Suisin Inox Honyaki wa's are incredible knives.

The Tadatsuna wa are basically clones of the Suisin Inox Honyaki similar it's hard to differentiate them side by side other than looks.

Of those, I would have to say that the Konosuke is my favorite albeit by a small margin. They are all great, great knives.

A western handled alternative, for me at least, would be the TKC knives:

I have two production gyuto's that have survived my sell is a knife you can't be any more and the other is a TKC. Awesome knife.

Kiritsuke....are we talking traditional or the kiritsuke shaped gyuto's? Traditional, no, you don't need one. Gyuto version....not a fan, but I understand the like....they are an interesting shape.


 Post subject: Re: Another help me choose a knife thread
PostPosted: Mon Nov 05, 2012 4:08 pm 

Joined: Mon Nov 05, 2012 12:54 am
Posts: 9
Haha, yeah once that itch starts it becomes pretty hard to ignore. I got my feet wet with the sugimoto.. I think I'm ready to jump into the pool. The itch will drive me insane if I ignore it I think. I can afford to spend a little more on knives (well, I'm happy to stretch the budget a little) so I wasn't sure whether for more money whether the Suisin or Tadatsuna would make any better a purchase. I know I would be happy with the konosuke but I get thinking "would I have been even happier with something else?". Plus there will be a few months delay before I can get my hands on it.. Oh man.. it feels like some unhealthy obsession at the moment.

The tadatsuna seems to be the middle ground between the konosuke and the suisin so I think maybe I'll just split the difference and take the plunge on that. Should make for a nice christmas present for myself.. hehe. I kinda dig the wa-styled handles (for now) so I think I'm pretty set about that. If I get myself a mighter gyuto down the track I might go for the western style. I did spend some time looking at that TKC as well and it seems to be a good buy.. heck all of these knives are but I think I'm probably more drawn to the others mentioned.

The kiritsuke I'm referring to are the gyuto based versions. I think it is more an aesthetic appeal than functional anyway. I think that might be another purchase for later down the track.

Thanks for the feedback.. I'll ponder a little more for the day and make a decision in the next couple days

 Post subject: Re: Another help me choose a knife thread
PostPosted: Tue Nov 06, 2012 12:22 am 
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MASIBU <> I mirror all of Adam's wa-opinions, but I would go a bit further & strongly suggest paying even a bit more and go with the Konosuke HD Funayuki. Flatter belly for your push cutting style, and a bit more nimble with less steel at the tip. By the time it's in stock, it should be the new HD2 steel, as well! :twisted:

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