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Pierre Carbon Beta knife review

Mon Sep 17, 2012 4:50 pm

Hey all. Well here is a small written review on a current beta knife made by Pierre. Sorry, but the steel is still a secret

I started the initial bevel cutting last night, (figuring it would take some time to get it cut) so busted out the 60 grit stone and much to my surprise, (and thankfully so) it only took maybe 5 mins to fully raise a burr on both sides. It's a fine burr and easily came off with a pull through a cork. I can't really give you a lot for feed back on how it felt on that stone since the damn thing can take paint off a battleship haha. But next was a gesshin 400 and it was a lot smoother feeling than when I went to sharpen a dojo AS nakiri, (only two I had to do) The next stone was a 800 natural amakusa and it was like glass. It floated damnnear on the stone. I could feel it sharpen, but it was just so smooth, while the AS I could really feel it grabbing onto the blade edge. Second was a white amaksa 1k natural and it had the same effect. I'll skip a head to the final finishing stone as the next two stone were the same glass smooth floating feeling.

The final polishing stone was actually one I had received today when I was sharpening, so your knife was the first test drive on the stone. Which is a Wakasa, (very hard stone) but your knife easily pulled up a mud with in a minute of use. It once again floated over the stone and mud and feed back is a little hard to get when the knife glides over a stone that easy haha. But it produced a very sharp, (not as sharp as the AS, but that as you know is the trade off) Can't really tell if it took good to the polishing aspects of the stone or not, (i'll look again here shortly) But after a little deliberation, for my knife I'm thinking of going with your 01, as I do like a VERY sharp knife, (the retention is always a good thing but I prefer sharpness over retention personally speaking.)

So, on a scale of 1-10 for edge retention I would give the damn thing a 11+ haha. A home cook, (who knew how to properly care for knives) would only have to sharpen it maybe, and I say maybe 1 time a year. Pros I best with once again proper care could almost get a month out of it with just touching it up before thinking about re-beveling.

For sharpness I would rate it a solid 8+ Gets nice and sharp, but compared to blue, AS, and white it's behind those.

For ease of bringing the edge back, (IE stropping) a solid 9. Very quick to bring it back to life but I did spend a little extra time stropping to make sure.

Time to get sharp, well since this steel is tougher than a 2$ steak it gets a low 4 on that haha. If you wanted to fully buff out all of the scratches, well.... lets just say not even I have that kind of attention span haha and I'm a good sport.

So, if you have any more question for me, please don't hesitate to ask.

Re: Pierre Carbon Beta knife review

Mon Sep 17, 2012 9:48 pm

I'd like to throw in a comment or 2:

Balance, comfort, and just the overall wield-ability of this knife is among the best I've ever used. I can't remember the length, seems like a 250mm? It was a little longer than my Richmond Ultimatum I believe. Non-stick properties are absolutely excellent, although I had the freak occurrence of a potato gluing itself up on the higher portion of the blade 1 time. This can kinda happen on any knife if you cut enough stuff, but otherwise the convex of the grind was very close to perfect 50/50, as I didn't notice any steering issues whatsoever.

Sharpening was pretty brief for me personally as I had some other blades to fool with at the time. The high hardness makes it feel as though it is skating around on the Shapton GlassStones, but it still managed to cut at a decent rate. I did not put high refinement on the blade as that is not how most cooks will use it in a pro kitchen (well, not the guys around here anyhow), but I believe I did a progression of 320, 1k, 2k, strop on 1 micron diamond/balsa. This was a clean edge with some bite still, and it lasted a good hot minute.

Profile is as good as they get: The right amount of belly, right amount of point in the tip. Very light weight for the size.

I believe Aaron says he'd like this knife even lighter. Personally, I think a little more weight might be good. Either way, this knife is awesome even as it is. When using blades of this caliber it is kinda hard to give any meaningful criticism, other than maybe steel properties and grind. The handle was just beautiful, good size and taper, fit was as good as it gets. I believe Aaron said that Pierre would charge around $500 for this knife, and IMO it is worth every penny. Excellent, there's not much you can do to improve this one, it was an honor to use it. Thanks again Pierre! :)

Re: Pierre Carbon Beta knife review

Tue Sep 18, 2012 12:02 am

Is it stainless or carbon? if stainless, it sounds like high hardness ELMAX steel.

Re: Pierre Carbon Beta knife review

Tue Sep 18, 2012 2:35 am

But, just in case you miss it Michiel, it's carbon.

But Shaun is right, very comfortable and seems like a large knife, but once you start using it, you quickly forget about the size of it. Not sure on specs either forgot to take any. But Shaun hit on a few things I had missed, but all and all simply worth every penny.

Re: Pierre Carbon Beta knife review

Tue Sep 18, 2012 8:46 pm

:mrgreen: Hi... Maybe I missed something.. Can we see a picture of this beta knife?

Now im getting curious!
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