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Pastry Knife

Mon May 14, 2012 10:03 pm

Hey Everyone,

I find this is something that's not really discussed very much since most people who nerd it up over knives generally work on the line or cook at home :)

Anyway I'm a pastry cook, and I've been trying to decide what knife is a general all around solid knife for pastry work. I've been using my konosuke 240mm at work, but there are times when things get really messy, maybe messier than I'd like for that particular knife. I use it for prep work and I do really love it. I find the thinness works really well for cutting certain crusts (cutting pies, tarts, cakes). It's still a little concerning to me. All in all I'm probably going to upgrade to a 270 of some type so that I can more easily cut a cake or tart in half. I've found that the extra length would really help. Price is not a huge deal to me if the value is right and the knife will last. I enjoy well crafted knives as a small hobby so it serves that purpose as well.

So anyway, this knife needs to be able to take a real beating and hold a sharp edge because I often switch between making fine cuts and general pastry work. It'd be nice to not have to change knives. I can elaborate a little more if need be, but I think you get the point. Thanks.

Re: Pastry Knife

Tue May 15, 2012 3:40 pm

Have you condidered the Tojiro Bread knife? It's large and has a nice shape so it should work really well for cutting cakes and lots of other stuff.
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