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Old Sabatier's

Thu May 31, 2012 2:32 pm

I have just picked up my next project knives, both older Sabatier's. I know that there were many different makers of these knives over the years and wondered if anyone on here knows anything about these. One is a Trumpet and the other ****Elephant Sabatier. I put a couple of pics down below. On the chef's knife there is some small scratches that look somewhat rusty, should this be cleaned up before kitchen use? I really like the beaten look of this one, you can really tell that it was used hard over the years.ImageImage
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Re: Old Sabatier's

Thu May 31, 2012 3:44 pm

The Eléphant is made by Thiers Issard. I'm not sure whether the Trompette is made by the same. Could be a brand by Sabatier & Perrier, better known as K-Sabatier.
About the rust: it is active rust and should be removed to avoid pitting. Toothpaste, sandpaper, stone mud, every abrasive will do. Use the softest one that does work in your case. After that you may consider to force a patina as a protective measure. Mustard and vinegar will produce a thin layer of passive rust. Hot water will accelerate the process a lot.

Re: Old Sabatier's

Thu May 31, 2012 3:54 pm

Those are great knives, I have the elephant series (nogent) and the k series me personally I prefer the elephant from theirs issard they are still sold at thebesthings.com but I do not have the trupent, if you want to clean the rust off bar keepers friend and a scotch Brite non scratching kind will do the trick but your patina if any will be gone and you will have to start over. I consider you a very lucky man especially with the trumpet I used to have a family break down of who split and what series they made some even have a set of grapes on them and I would die for one of those, I also have the k series and the only thing i don't like about it is the bolster/finger guard is big like an old wusthof. What types of stones are you going to use to sharpen with. Just curious. Jmbullman

Re: Old Sabatier's

Wed Jun 06, 2012 2:17 pm

Old Sabatiers are the best.... I have plenty of really nice knives (many of which I bought from Mark). All of them good; All of them great go-to blades in their own way. My Sabs, however, have become amongst my most favorite knives of all time.

It's hard to say what it is. The steel is pretty soft for us used to Jknives steel. That said, the old carbon Sabs (I have the nogents and the TI****) take a wicked edge. Once the edge is found, it seems to stay sharp with just a few strokes from a fine ceramic steel. Best of all, the geometry of those blades just can't be beat. Perhaps it is just that the steel in these knives is a bit toothy; I don't know. But at RC 54-55 ish, they cut as good as my Misonos (carbon) that were three times the price.

By the way, something I found was that at first, I could not put a decent edge on these knives to save my life. After working them a bit and thinning the edge down to about 16 or 17 degrees, a screaming carbon edge suddenly appeared as if like magic. Since then, the knive cuts as well as any thing in my aresenal, save for a few super hard thin J knives. BUT, the trade off is that this knife does not need to be babied. it is a total workhorse that feels great in the hand and is a total joy to use.

BTW, if you like these, try the newer carbon elephant TI **** boning knife. Talk about an edge!

Re: Old Sabatier's

Thu Jun 07, 2012 6:31 am

We used to sell the Elephant line. Good luck with those, that should be a fun restoration project.
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