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Ohira Tomae High Quality Stone Review

Sun May 06, 2012 7:04 am

Product Id:atmequ
Location (City, State):Izmir, Turkey
Review:This is a great finishing stone for both single bevel and hard steel double bevel knives. My stone gave me around 10k grit, taking Kitayama as an #8000 grit reference point. It leaves a finer edge than Kitayama, yet edge gets more aggressive and also significantly harder. The difference is very obvious, literally you feel you have a different knife, in a good sense. It looks like this is typical of natural stones. It works equally well on my yanagis and chef’s knives. I generally stop at 8k with synthetic stones, but natural stones enable you to move up by couple of thousand grits. For single bevel knives, you need to use a natural nagura to optimize this stone’s potential. Natural Nagura on a Natural Stone makes a big difference. For double bevel knives, I don’t recommend using nagura. Nagura makes double bevel edge slip rather than bite into stone. That bite is what makes you feel the narrow blade road of double bevel knives and adjust your angle in sharpening. I also recommend buying medium grade Ohira Tomae for double bevel knives. It has also good feedback and my stone was around #7000 grit, which is good as an aggressive finishing or progression stone for harder steel knives and as a finishing stone for softer steel knives.

Re: Ohira Tomae High Quality Stone Review

Thu May 31, 2012 8:50 pm

Cheers to Mark and Hi grade Ohira Natural stone.

When i got this stone my first impression was, woow what a huge heavy block,
To cut it short, this is a good stone for most of the steel, carbon or stainless. I use it to finish my Yanagis, Gyuto, Chefs, Paring, Deba, Cleaver, Garisuke, Santoku before moving to stropping stage.

During my first use, im not really used to it as its character is different from the synthetic stone. Feels like its harder to use compare to synthetic. After a few attempts, it feels better. Just splash some water on the surface and u can start the sharpening job. This stone is not as thirsty as the synthetic. Its quite a pretty hard stone and gives a good finishing. It doesn't polish the metal but leaves fine & smooth surface. It gives a smooth edge. I believe it could last a few decade or more if u use it only at home.
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