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Nubatama 2k Speckled / HanHan

Mon Mar 10, 2014 9:40 pm

So today I got a chance to play with some of my new stuff. Did some major repairs / reproiling on a beater knife ,
went 24 , 60 , 150 Nubatama , 1k shapton , 2k speckled , and finished off freehanding on the HanHan.

Thus far I really like the 2k speckled , it's fast , leaves a nice even finish , and is more forgiving than the Shapton 2k. It doesn't load at all , and only requires a brief soak (2-3 minutes is fine). In my opinion I much prefer this stone over the green brick , more consistant scratch pattern , better wear rate , faster , and it doesn't load (my least favorite attribute of the green brick is how quickly it loads , even with the aid of a nagura stone). This stone will lead well into Japanese naturals, it would precede an aoto nicely. The finish it leaves is not a mirror, it goes more like a bright fuzzy finish, the scratches are too small to distginuish, but it doesn't start polishing yet.

I see this being a good all around , affordable stone , something the series needed at this level , this stone will be hit I think.

Under the microscope theres still a large burr present here , but you can see the overall scratch pattern is uniform and clean.

Then I moved onto the HanHan ,which means half and half, as in half synthetic , half natural stone. For those of you aren't aware , im an EPP guy , but this stone required me to freehand. With the bevels already established I didn't find it too hard. The stone itself is a joy to use , generates nice mud , and gives good feedback , in no time that bright fuzzy 2k finish was transformed into a bright mirror , while it doesn't have the depth of field some of my uber fine poly finishes do , it is nice to look at and is an all around well performing edge. It pushcuts well for this level of finish , and slices are effortless. Would be a great all around kitchen edge I think.

The history of the stone is really cool too fwiw, they aren't being produced anymore (haven't been for over 50 years...) , and are dwindling in number. The knowledge of how they were produced is long since gone. For me this is part of the fun in collecting / using stones.

Heres what the HanHan looks like , all lapped (140 - 1200 atomas) then texturized with a natural nagura stone.

Re: Nubatama 2k Speckled / HanHan

Tue Mar 11, 2014 7:19 am

Nice review of the stones. Both of those are on my radar. The Han Han is already on my wish list. If I get the speckled, it will be awhile since I have the green brick. I don't necessarily mind having some redundancy in my kit, but there are other things I want to fill first.

I'd like to see how you set up your veho to take pictures. I struggle with getting the lighting correct.

Re: Nubatama 2k Speckled / HanHan

Tue Mar 11, 2014 8:09 am

Thank you sadden, I have the 1k & 5k shapton pros, I may just put the 2k speckled in my assortment. ( for now) :D
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