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Now I have gone and done it!

Thu Sep 27, 2012 7:24 am

As I began my new sharpening obsession, I have been volunteering to sharpen co-workers knives. So my boss gave me some of her knives to sharpen ranging from a Sharper Image Santuko to a small Wusthof paring knife that was so dull I could run it through my hand without the hint of a slice.

Well, even though none of them are great knives they are all sharper than they have ever been and she is hooked on having sharp knives now! :mrgreen:

Today she gave me a Sur la Table catalogue and said now that she has been using her sharp knives she wants to upgrade to something nicer and sharp. She never wants to go back to the dull knives she has. Therein lies the problem . . . now what?

So I think her budget will be fairly generous considering that she has the edges of the pages turned over for the Bob Kramer Damascus Henckle section (8" Chef Knife $399.95) and a Japanese selection named Miyabi Artisan which is a damascus hammard SG2 core polished stainless line (9-1/2" Chef Knife $229.95).

She is right handed, likes to cook, but is a home cook that does not have line chef knife skills. Her favorite knife (and likely the best of her collection) is the small wustof paring knife. She is not a knife enthuiast, so the extra care of carbon is something to avoid. Stainless selections only, please.

In discussing the things she likes she is drawn to Damascus stainless and likes the look of the Moritaka Supreme Petty I have (however the high carbon will not work for her). She initially liked the western handled knives I showed her, but when I pulled out the Moritaka she really liked the handle, so I am thinking Japanese style is the way to go for her. Double bevel knifes (even the slicer) are a must.

We have also nailed down the selections to four:

Petty- not sure if 130 or 150 but she liked the size of my 150
Gyuto- 210mm
Slicer- 270mm or greater
Bread- She likes my Tojiro 270mm ITK just fine.

Overall budget should be based around the Gyuto in the $200 range so considering the Tojiro Bread knife at $63 I think a budget between $500 to $650 would do the trick. She will like unique knives with bling!

Please chime in on the set that you think would work for her.

Re: Now I have gone and done it!

Thu Sep 27, 2012 2:49 pm




Re: Now I have gone and done it!

Thu Sep 27, 2012 3:00 pm

Sakai Takayuki Gyuto 240mm: $180 Damascus with AEB-L as the core instead of VG-10 found in most knives like this:

Hiromoto Ginsan 150mm Petty: $75

Richmond Laser 270mm Suji: $236

Kanehiro Ginsan 270mm Suji: $250
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