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No matter how long you have been sharpening don't forget t

Fri Jul 26, 2013 4:43 pm

Quick lesson, no matter how long you have been sharpening you can still make a rookie mistake and I am man enough to admit it so others might learn, that's why we're here rite? My perfectly aligned sharpening table was temporary let me rephrase that it's fixing to be temporary was borrowed by my wife to take to a show (hairdresser/product sales) anyway it's buried in the back of the SUV. Now for medical purposes I usually stand while I am sharpening sitting is not comfortable for me to sharpen, so I moved over to the counter which is a considerable higher and while sharpening (fortunately just my knifes) every thing looked perfect except for the heal where It finishes, for two knifes now I kept getting a higher than usual flat grind that was higher at the heal than the edge, I striked the first one up to being tired or was just hurting a little more that day, the next day time to touch one up (actually it was brand new and I didn't like the factory edge) same dam thing now if just barely noticeable but I am a picky bastard and couldn't figure it out so I look at an old video of me sharpening and knifes were turning out perfect so got the 12 yr old to grab the camera phone and record me sharpening, within 15 secs I saw the problem, the usual table is lower and my arms stayed perfectly even, on the higher counter top I was dropping my elbow to accommodate the extra stretch in my arm from the extra hight and lowering the heal of the knife therefore grinding up higher than usual. Goes to show you old dogs can still make mistakes. Good learning lesson. Now comes the fight for my table. This one win shall I the force is strong with me today. Time to by a lottery ticket too. Peace to all and hope I helped someone else from making this simple mistake. Jmbullman

Re: No matter how long you have been sharpening don't forget

Fri Jul 26, 2013 6:55 pm

This is an interesting concept that makes this hobby, and for me and some others a necessity (cooks by trade), even more adept to the fanatical perfection and precision to achieve ever expanding edge goals. This makes me sad cause I am moving soon and will be sharpening on different height countertops, but I would hope my feel for the edge would overcome this within six inches or so. Might have to measure my countertops or go back to my old place to sharpen. :lol:

Re: No matter how long you have been sharpening don't forget

Fri Jul 26, 2013 7:20 pm

It only took two to figure it out but it's amazing how muscle memory, consistent cutting tables make the difference. I would imagine even for a seasoned chef that change of hight could cause fatigue or in my case a slightly higher bevel than I wanted at the heel. Like I said unless your looking for it your not going to see it but I caught mine with a 20 power loupe or just looking at the reflection in different lights can you see it but I will have my table back tomorrow!!! One way or the other! Jmbullman

Re: No matter how long you have been sharpening don't forget

Sat Jul 27, 2013 11:43 am

Hmm. I'm wondering if this wouldn't also apply to using the Edge Pro. I'm still learning. I stand with the EP on the dining room table. I haven't given any thought to the height or to the angle of the table.
One of my (many) problems is that I have a tendency to over do the heel. The first one I tried I trashed pretty good in this area. Wonder if the height relationship between me and the machine makes a difference. I've noticed that MadRookie stays at about a 45* angle from his machine. I'm moving my body from one side to the other.
It may be making a difference in the pressure I'm using I'm now thinking. Dunno.

Re: No matter how long you have been sharpening don't forget

Sat Jul 27, 2013 1:28 pm

That might have alot to do with it, I can't remember if you said you had an angle cube but I guess the same could be happening to you also. One thing most will agree never sharpen tired or overly tired, never ever sharpen when your in a pissy mood and if it feels like your going to have a bad day wait one more. You'll thank me for that advice one day I got my worst cut sharpening pissed off I was drying it with a micro fiber towel and cut rite threw to the palm of my hand all the way across. And of course it has to be the hand you use everything for and I mean everything. I think you know where I am going with this. Peace, jmbullman
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