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Next knife after my Global G2

Sat Jul 27, 2013 2:16 pm


My name is Aaron and I am a line cook in CA. About a month ago one of my co workers told me about your site. Ever since I have been paging through all the great knives you have to offer. I love reading all the reviews, but sometime I feel they are coming from home cooks, and not people like me who really rely on our knives to preform professionally. So, I wanted to ask if you have any suggestions. Right now I am using a Global G2, its okay but kind of flimsy some times, too short, and not the best grip. As far as sharpness, I can get it very sharp, but it doesn't last very long. (I have sharpened knives professionally in the past) I want a knife that is fairly rigid, not highly corrosive (sometime it's too busy to clean my knife after every cut) Japanese and handmade would be cool, and a japanese style handle I really don't like the handle style that comes on a like wustoff for example. Also something you think can stand the test of a busy professional kitchen for some years.

I am sure you are a busy man, so if you can find the time to read and answer this email I would greatly appreciate it.
Thanks for your time,

Re: Next knife after my Global G2

Sat Jul 27, 2013 2:17 pm

Hi Aaron,

Here is our form for knife requests. You answered a couple of these in your email. Please fill out the rest and we'll give you some good suggestions.

1. Are you right handed?
2. What type of knife are you interested in (gyuto, nakiri etc..)
3. What size knife are you looking for?
4. Do you prefer carbon or stainless steel?
5. Do you prefer a western handle or a Japanese handle?
6. How much did you want to spend?
7. Do you know how to sharpen?

Re: Next knife after my Global G2

Sun Jul 28, 2013 1:35 am

1) right handed
2) gyuto
3) 8in-10in
4) I have never owned carbon steel, I wouldn't mind trying it out though. I am a little scared of corrosion on a busy night (Like tonight)
5) Greatly prefer Japanese handle
6) around 200, but I want the best knife for me, cheaper or more expensive if it's the best choice I will sway.
7) yes, I know how to sharpen. just ordered the 8 piece kit from the site today.

I mostly cut vegetable, a lot of vegetables haha, for garde manger, a little bacon and pork belly, but not too much.

This knife is going to be used 5-6 nights a week, 8-10 hours a night, sometime going 30 mins without a thorough wipe down. I don't want to have to take it a stone every 5 days. I have a ceramic honing steel, that works really well for me. My global has been letting me down, the edge retention is just not that great. I can get it really sharp, and it works great for a few days then its dulls a little, then, all of a sudden dull... middle of the shift having to cut cherry tomatoes on the fly :x. haha.

Re: Next knife after my Global G2

Sun Jul 28, 2013 3:51 am

knives I use every day

Masamoto KS (proteins) this knife is my favorite


Konosuke HD2 Wa-Gyuto (vegetables)


Hiromoto AS Utility Knife 150mm with Adam Marr custom handle (I use this knife more than any other)


Kanehiro 240mm Wa-Gyuto (hard vegetables)


Chef Knife Holsters


I think Konosuke HD2 Wa-Gyuto will serve you best.

Re: Next knife after my Global G2

Sun Jul 28, 2013 4:14 am

I say try out one of marks Richmond knives aeb-l is a good quality steel. It gets sharp and does not react. I work in a professional kitchen and and I find the reactive pure carbon metals annoying to work with. If you want to go Japanese knife maker I like this knife made with ginsan 3


Re: Next knife after my Global G2

Sun Jul 28, 2013 12:28 pm

I like both suggestions. Thanks for the input.

Re: Next knife after my Global G2

Sun Jul 28, 2013 12:37 pm

Does anyone have experience with with a moritaka supreme in a professional setting?

Re: Next knife after my Global G2

Mon Jul 29, 2013 3:08 am

AARON <> Yes, I do.

It has a Kurouchi finished iron cladding, but this knife is still reactive. If you are concerned about caring for a carbon, this knife is not for you.

Irrespective of that, I sharpen to relatively acute angles & I find the MoriAS @Hrc65 to be more brittle than I'd like for a Gyuto in a professional kitchen. They get silly sharp w/great retention, but if/when I use her, I have to open up the bevel angles at least 5 degrees per side to create the durability required. They're light & rigid knives with nice grinds.

Re: Next knife after my Global G2

Mon Jul 29, 2013 8:04 am

Kanehiro Ginsan jumps to mind. Excellent Stainless, wa handle, work horse, excellent grinds. More than you wanted to spend.

Masakage Yuki: Stainless clad over carbon white #2, wa handle, middle weight, excellent grinds, closer to your price range.

Re: Next knife after my Global G2

Mon Jul 29, 2013 8:08 am

You mentioned a knife that is "rigid".

Try to avoid any knife labeled as a "laser" if this is important.

The Masakage Yuki is a good choice.

Another I like is the Goko, but it's out of stock at the moment:


Stainless clad carbon. You'd get to try carbon, but easier maintenance.
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