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Re: Next knife advice (nakiri, petty, workhorse gyuto)

Thu Oct 25, 2012 9:13 pm

Since it has a longer edge, it slices stuff like roasts, turkeys, etc better than a 210mm would. I prefer a 240mm for most of what I do.

Re: Next knife advice (nakiri, petty, workhorse gyuto)

Thu Oct 25, 2012 9:50 pm

It's easier to get clean slices with a longer blade, and for sheer volume of prep, a big bade is great. Richmond blades, like a number of refined knives, are significantly lighter than traditional 10" Chef knives, as much as 25 to 35 %' and in my opinion, these types of well balanced knife are at least as easy to control at 240 mm as many 8 in Chefs. I just ordered a Richmond Artifex . The Richmonds are certainly priced fairly. Just think about how you intend to use it. Even if you can't justify the size for practical reasons, there's nothing wrong with indulging yourself from time to time. Buy one or try one.

Re: Next knife advice (nakiri, petty, workhorse gyuto)

Sat Oct 27, 2012 8:42 am

@Mrmnms Hear, hear! I will definitely indulge myself one of these days. This time around, though, I ended up going with the Artifex nakiri. It just beckoned me, I guess.

Will post my thoughts when it arrives.

Re: Next knife advice (nakiri, petty, workhorse gyuto)

Wed Nov 14, 2012 4:13 pm

Just a follow-up: received my knife in customary lightning time. It's a great-looking knife. Sharp out of the box but I immediately took it to the stones since I'm trying to practice my sharpening.

Unscientific early impressions:

-the knife sharpened really well. It took a bit longer to raise a burr than on my Konosuke white #2, but sharpened quicker than my Victorinox and took a keener edge--I'd say I took it to ~15 degrees on both sides.

- the knife is thicker than a laser. Duh. I wanted this, as I was a bit sheepish about taking my Konosuke to some harder vegetables. I do think that I will end up removing some metal behind the edge, though, as I'm getting some resistance while cutting and suspect (correct me if I'm wrong!) that this could be because my edge is too tapered.

-it holds its edge really well. I don't feel I need to sharpen it as often as my Konosuke, which I strop after every use (I am also hyper sensitive to any hint that the knife isn't maximally sharp, given how much pleasure I get from watching the knife pass through vegetables as if they were butter).

-it seems to take to my ceramic honing rod better than my Konosuke did, which I now only strop.

-it does seem a bit short. I imagine I'll get used to its shape, but I can why some say that the extra 15mm make a difference on a 180mm nakiri.

All in all this knife has quickly sold me on AEB-L steel. At the price, I am tempted to require all my friends to replace their German knives with an Artifex. I'm note quite yet sold on nakiris, though, as I haven't found things that they clearly do better than a chef's knife. Still, loving cutting with this thing and it is now my go-to cutter.

Re: Next knife advice (nakiri, petty, workhorse gyuto)

Thu Nov 15, 2012 10:02 am

Thanks for the follow up...it's always nice to hear back after initial use.
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