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Re: New Set of Knives - Recommendations please

Tue Nov 26, 2013 12:54 pm

Thank you all for your thoughts and recommendations.

I have ordered and gone whole hog:

(1) Takeda Classic Gyoto 240 mm
(2) Takeda classic Bunka 170 mm
(3) Tojiro bread knife
(4) Murata Buho Sabaki petty knife 120 mm
(5) Dojo paring knife 80 mm

And I did exercise some restraint because (a) for a small petty knife, I did get the more economical Dojo over my second choice, the Kuhihara Blue No. 2, (b) I was able to avoid my first choice in small petty knife, the Takeda 100 mm, because it is sold out; and (c) I did not get the Richmond Damascus Sujihiki 270 mm even though I think it is an exquisitely beautiful knife. Despite the fact that, had I ordered it, I would use this knife in two days, I was able to act on the fact that, in reality, there is not a lot of carving in my house, and so this knife would be a relatively large incremental cost for, essentially, aesthetics. Something to look forward to.

I also got the Numbatama 1K stone, the Sehurika 5k stone and the 3-piece strop kit. I am going to give sharpening a crack. Or maybe I won't have to: my lady friend told me that, as a girl, her sister, father and she used stones to maintain their family's knives. Who knew? Now I can put her to work keeping up these knives as well as using them.

Question: can these knives be stored in a block? I am considering magnetic blocks -- either a Schmidt Bros. magnetic block with holes into which the knives are inserted or, far more likely, a Messermeister block in which the knives are magnetically held to either side of the block. Would these damage the knives or their hard-fought edges?

Again, thanks for all of the advice.

Re: New Set of Knives - Recommendations please

Tue Nov 26, 2013 1:02 pm

Nice set of knives!! :)

Yes, they can be stored in a block.

Magnetic blocks can damage edges if you're not careful. Some of the magnets are very strong and can "snap" the blade to them. Just be careful.....put the knives upto the block spine first and twist to have the face of the knife meet the block. Reverse that sequence when removing them.

Re: New Set of Knives - Recommendations please

Tue Nov 26, 2013 1:20 pm

Nice! Great choice on picking up a couple stones and the strop kit. I added a strop kit recently and I'm so happy I did. My plan right now is once a week for the knives that were used that week, give them each a few swipes on the strops to reset the edge. Their use always seemed a bit abstract to me until I used them. I predict years of enjoyment and increased satisfaction in the kitchen. Congrats.

Re: New Set of Knives - Recommendations please

Tue Nov 26, 2013 2:35 pm

That is one hell of a lineup.

I love the magnetic knife strips with magnets embedded in wood. Some have metal rails and black permanent magnets on the surface, I have had those strips scratch my knives. The wood blocks with magnets inside should be no problem. One of the nice things about storing knives that way is any moisture left on the knife has a chance to air dry rather than sit and corrode the knife.

Have fun :)

Re: New Set of Knives - Recommendations please

Wed Nov 27, 2013 5:30 am

Nicely done! You are off to an excellent start!


Re: New Set of Knives - Recommendations please

Wed Dec 11, 2013 12:59 pm


Thank you very much for all of your suggestions and recommendations. My lady friend was thrilled with the new knives and she has really loved using them. I am looking forward to sharpening and will be watching the videos about that before diving in.

A further question about storing these knives: we are going to store them in a drawer. I have seen in-drawer knife storage units. These units seem to be made solely out of hardwood -- maple and walnut; some are made out of bamboo with a cork floor for the edge to rest on; and some are simply plastic slots that attach to the bottom of the drawer.

Is there any reason to avoid this kind of storage? Can the knives be safely and without damage to the edges, be stored in these kinds of devices? Would the maple or walnut units dull the blade as the knives are put into and taken out of them? Is the cork-floored item a better choice for that reason? Or should the knives be sheathed -- with sayas or similar edge coverings -- and, once sheathed, placed into one of the in-drawer storage units?

Thank you again for your help.

Re: New Set of Knives - Recommendations please

Wed Dec 11, 2013 1:26 pm

A wood in-drawer knife block shouldn't cause any issues unless you really slam the knives home. lol There are those that claim storing the blades on their edges this way dulls the knives, and maybe it does to some extent, but I have personally never had an issue with it. Just place the knives in the slots and don't slide it in along the edge to avoid any issues. Your cutting board will dull the knife more than the storage unit that way. ;) Also, don't forget to measure the drawer!

This one on the CKtG site would be completely safe in my opinion: http://www.chefknivestogo.com/meindrknho.html

Re: New Set of Knives - Recommendations please

Wed Dec 11, 2013 1:30 pm

Leroy - I use a hard wood slotted drawer storage unit and I love it. IMO as long as you're no banging them in and out of the slots to put hard impacts on the edge, you'll be fine with any of them. I don't sheath them at all, but the JKnives are so thin there is a good amount of play in the slots and they're not perfectly straight up/down. Paper sheaths would probably help that issue.....hummm, maybe I'll have to try that :-).

Congrats on a heck of a knife set! Enjoy.

Re: New Set of Knives - Recommendations please

Wed Dec 11, 2013 1:38 pm

Sounds like all that needs saying has been said. The only thing I might add, is when it comes to storage: you want to secure the knife so that it does not rattle around and bang into things, it is not dire if the edges makes contact with something, you just don't want them slamming around; you do not want a storage solution where you may accidentally cut your self putting them away or getting them out, this is why throwing them in a drawer is really unwise; lastly I like to have the knives has some air flow, this is a last level or insurance against moisture and corrosion. For someone on the move, sayas and sheaths are nice on the road, but at home I prefer and airy knife rack or a magnetic strip.

Re: New Set of Knives - Recommendations please

Wed Dec 11, 2013 1:46 pm


Sorry about my grammar on that last post...I kinda threw up on myself.
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