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Re: New improvements to CKTG

Mon Jan 13, 2014 7:36 am

Not to be redundant Mark, as we've already communicated about this, but to keep it in one place:

a. A Wish List, and
b. A means of flagging knives that I've asked for new inventory notifications on.
c. A "Compare" feature that includes knife specs, metal types, cladding (yes/no), price
d. Consistent specs on each knife in a table of fixed format across all knives
e. A means of returning from the forum to the "store"--or open the forum in a new tab (This could be my tablet's problem???)
f. Would like a customer log-in that remembers my billing and shipping addresses. Probably needed for Wish List, too.

Now, here are things I like about the site:

a. Workes well with an Android Tablet; for me, it's as fast as my WiFi connection allows.
b. Cross-referencing within the site is extremely good. Links to related items are fast and efficient.
c. "Recently viewed" at the bottom & "suggestions" on the right.
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