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New Carbon Knife Day x3!!

Wed Jan 09, 2013 9:55 am

Yesterday was a great day! I got 3 new Carbon knives in from CKTG!! Tojiro 240mm ITK Kiritsuke, Tanaka 210mm Kurouchi Gyuto and a Richmond Addict 2 in 52100.

Quick pic of the 3:

I used the Tanaka and Kiritsuke on some potatoes last night and to slice up some pork tenderloins:

The Tanaka on top is Blue steel and the Tojiro is White. You can see how the cladding reacted differently, but you can't see that the edge has almost the same reactivity. The White steel reacted a bit more than the Blue steel.

Now some choil shots:
Tanaka Sekiso 240mm Damascus:

Tanaka 210mm Kurouchi:

Tojiro ITK Kiritsuke:

Richmond Addict 2 52100:

You can see how the Richmond is much thinner starting out than the others, but has a slower taper and less convexity. The others are thicker, but are crazy thin behind the edge and have more convexing. This really shows the differences between "lasers" and "non lasers/workhorses". All of these knives will cut really well, it's just a different kind of feel. I noticed that the 2 KU finished blades have a good bit more friction in the cut, so I will try polishing the bevels to see how that does. Like most lower cost Kurouchi knives, the kasumi finish is bead blasted instead of polished due to the amount of time and skill it takes to get a good kasumi finish by stone. Not a dig on the knives, just reality.

Comparing the Tanaka Sekiso and Tanaka Kurouchi, the Sekiso has a nicer handle and better F&F all around. When I first got the Sekiso, there was a tiny burr at the choil area, like you can see on the pic of the Tanaka Ku choil; it takes literally a minute or two with a stone, file, sandpaper, etc to knock off and is common on a TON of Japanese knives. It seems to be more the rule than the exception. The blade grinds on the Tanaka's are pretty close and well convexed. I haven't noticed any dips or overgrinds on any of the blades yet, either.

I really like the Kiritsuke shape and will be using it as a guide for some larger 210mm nakiri's I am going to try to make. The Tanaka feels really nice for a 210mm gyuto, so it will most likely replace my 210mm Kanetsune AS core/SS Clad 210 in my block. The Addict 2 is pretty sweet as well; I will eventually re handle it (all are getting re handled!). The spine and choil are finished better on the Addict than on the other Japanese knives, which I have found is pretty typical. Konosuke and some other brands do a great job on the spine and choil OOTB, as do the Richmonds, but most others need a little touch up there. With the Addict 2, I have one in SS and one in Carbon; the SS felt a bit too tall for me previously, but the Carbon doesn't. The carbon has a wider tang going into the handle, and feels more natural to me, so that may have been what threw me off with the SS Addict 2 I have.

Going to the store in a bit to get supplies for Philly CheeseSteak sandwiches, may even shoot a video, too!

Re: New Carbon Knife Day x3!!

Fri Jan 18, 2013 10:22 am

i love me carbons =D

thanks for the reviews!
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