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Need to upgrade a couple knives.

Mon Sep 03, 2012 7:16 am

Love your website and your company gets a lot of positive feed back.

I need to start updating my knives with good ones. I have the cheap henkels classic line currently and one decent but wide and cumbersome 8 inch chef knife. I prepare meals daily and need to start with a good work horse. I have about a $300 budget. What would you recommend to me? Anything will be a step up. I'm ok with 2 or 3 good knives that add up to my budget too, but am willing to be patient. They don't have to match either.

If you need more info please ask, I am trying to keep this as short as possible for you.

Thanks for your help!


Re: Need to upgrade a couple knives.

Mon Sep 03, 2012 8:53 am

A gyuto is many people's workhorse knife, in 210mm or 240mm length. I got a Tanake Sekiso 240mm Blue Steel Damascus blade and it's my new workhorse/go to knife!! Sharp out of the box, great convexing on the blade sides, doesn't wedge much, not much sticktion, etc. Kanehiro AS clad with Stainless gyuto's get rave reviews, as do Konosuke gyuto's, which are considered Lasers usually since they are so thin. The new Richmond Artifex are also a great bang for your buck, and the Richmond Laser and Addict 2 are nice as well! Lots of choices out there!

Most people ask a few questions to get a better idea of your knife useage:

What are you cutting:
Cutting Board Type:
Right or Left Handed:
Do you prefer a Western style handle a la Henkels, or a Japanese style Wa handle:
Do you know how to sharpen a knife and what do you currently use to do so:
Prefer Carbon (will patina/oxidize, needs a little more care, most take an incredibly fine edge) or Stainless (won't oxidize/react to foods, may be harder to sharpen or may not take as fine of an edge, depending on the steel) Blade:

How do you hold the knife (Pinch grip, hammer grip, finger on spine, etc):
How do you cut with the knife (Rock, chop, slice, push, etc)

Re: Need to upgrade a couple knives.

Tue Sep 04, 2012 11:26 am

Hi Rodney,

Are you right handed?

Right handed

Do you know how to sharpen?

I learned recently that I need a lot more practice so I will use a professional until I become proficient.

Do you like to rock the knife or push cut primarily?

I usually rock the knife

Do you want a stainless knife?

I'm open to material, I'm a bit OCD and always, always wash and dry my cheap knives immediately after use

Do you want to get a western handled knife or Japanese handle?

I love the looks of the Japanese handled knives and my favorite knive I own has a rounded handle

How much did you want to spend?

Right around $300

Kind Regards,
Mark Richmond

Re: Need to upgrade a couple knives.

Tue Sep 04, 2012 12:35 pm

Try this Konosuke HD2 240mm Gyuto. It's excellent.

Re: Need to upgrade a couple knives.

Tue Sep 04, 2012 12:42 pm

For a petty try this Kanehiro:

Or try this one from Takayuki
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