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Tue Nov 19, 2013 10:57 pm

My name is Jeremy and I am a reader of the forum but just recently a member.

I am looking for a gyotu (or similar) style knife with extreme edge retention abilities. I have enjoyed vg10, although it is a bit chippy and I would like to try something new. I am stuck between a 240 or 270(somewhere in between would be good too.)
I like a taller knife as it give me a little more confidence with a rapid chop. (something to keep my knuckles on)
I would like stout laser, not quite a powerhouse but one that can take a beating(5.5 to 8 ounces). I like a rounded belly for rocking and would like something that is also comfortable with a blade grip. I am open to a hard (62+) powered steel(HAP40, R2, ZDP-189, SG) or Aogami Super, Blue #2.

Likes(from what I've seen online)

Kamo R2 240 gyuto but haven't seen any review on it.
Kohetsu Super Aogami in 240 or 270.
Richmond Super Aogami Laser 240(not in stock)
Richmond HAP40 240(not in stock)

I might prefer something a bit taller in profile than these, with a little more belly. I have a friend who has a Ken onion Shun 10" in Chefs knife and I actually love the way it rocks and it was plenty sharp. His wife recently took a peas sized chip out of the blade cutting semi-frozen chicken. Ouch!
My budget is $100 to $350

My background...
I am not a professional chef. I have been cooking regularly since age 3. I have progressively learned through many mistakes and continue to try to improve on my culinary crafts. I am right handed.

My knives;

8" Henckels professional "s" two man chef's knife
6" Henckels professional "s" two man chef's knife
7"+/- Yaxell 67 layer damascus clad vg10 core Santoku/chef's knife
8.5" Yaxell 67 layer damascus clad vg10 core Carving Knife
5" Yaxell 67 layer damascus clad vg10 Petty knife
Many throw aways

Sharpening experience;

I am an amateur luthier and have been sharpening woodworking chisels and plane blades for 15 years so I have some experience with water stones. I use a 320, 1000, 6000, and strop with leather. I have sharpened my current knifes by hand and can get them to shave hair and pass the paper tests easily, but there is room for improvement. My angles aren't jigged with knives so putting an exact 12 or 13 degree edge isn't in the cards(yet).


This will be strictly home use and I have built a 2' x 4' island in the center of my kitchen with thick block end grained rock maple top. It's a huge cutting board. (Recycled from a 130 year old bowling alley floor) I cook using a lot of old Griswold cast iron and two DeBuyer Carbon pans so I am familiar with Carbon issues if mistreated. I am fine with carbon, but if I can get carbon performance out of powdered stainless or semi-stainless, even better.
I am open to any recommendations that fit in this realm.


Wed Nov 20, 2013 1:54 am

If you are a fan or rocking the Super Laser and Kamo probably are not the best choices. The Kohetsu has a higher tip and larger belly compared to the Kamo and Super Laser, which makes it better for rocking IMO. At the same time, the Kohetsu is also slightly shorter and lighter. I have a Kohetsu, and very happy with it.


Wed Nov 20, 2013 6:14 pm

Right up your ally - http://www.chefknivestogo.com/riad52widha.html
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