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Re: Need a 400 waterstone

Fri Dec 06, 2013 9:22 am

I too love my Latte!

On topic somewhat.....

If you want to see a fast wearing, coarse grit stone find a Norton 220 grit waterstone. It practically dissolves as you use it.

Re: Need a 400 waterstone

Fri Dec 13, 2013 5:02 am

DANIEL <> I refrained from following up on your question not because of others conflicting opinions, but rather, I wanted to use the stone again. I hadn't used it for about 2 weeks, and it had been stored open air. I soaked it side by side with a Bamboo 1200 used 2 weeks ago, as well, and to my surprise, it stopped releasing bubbles well before the 1200. In 15 minutes it was ready to go, but I gave it another 10 as I allotted it anyhow.

In regards to some comments: JasonB sharpens knives for a living, and I expect he has much more experience with stones than I, a Professional Chef of 24 years, would have. He has used the Chosera & Latte to compare & contrast... I have only a Latte. Heed his words though I will add simply... my stated experience with the Latte is something I can comment confidently on drawing on a lot of years. "It's a pretty hard stone for a 400." I did not say it will not wear nor will not need to be flattened, but I will say that I can set a bevel chasing the burr on a 240mm gyuto that's as dull as a baseball bat by using the whole stone & without having to flatten the Latte. For a 400, that impresses me.

As for Sailor, he sharpens for a living, as well. That's two professional sharpeners speaking so as to weigh their opinions in context. If you're sharpening residentially, maybe the Latte's impressive feedback outweighs the longevity of the Chosera...

As for Mark, he's Mark... he's got the inside scoop! 8-) , but I will say... I DESPISE SHAPTON GLASS STONES. THEY'RE LIKE HAVING SEX WITH A ROBOT!

As for Adam, BadBoy & Luca, obviously, they have their preferences.

Good luck.
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