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Naniwa Snow White Stone Review

Wed May 09, 2012 8:12 am

Product Id:nasnwh8
Name:Chris G
Location (City, State):New Orleans, LA
Review:Might as well be called a Chosera 9.9K because its 99% of what the Chosera 10k is. I’ve only had my Snow White a few days, but have been using it side by side with a small piece of Chosera 10k I bought at a discount. Like the Chosera 10k it doesn’t visibly absorb any water when you splash it, and while you can use it as a splash and go it does work much better with at least a 5-10 minute soak. I am a woodworker and have been using both to put a final polish on my chisels and plane blades. On typical O1 and A2 tool steels the Snow White is at least as fast as the Chosera 10k. On small bevels you can easily jump to it straight from a 1k. The Snow White and the Chosera 10k produce an edge that is nearly identical in terms of sharpness but the Chosera does impart a slightly, though noticeably brighter finish. Aesthetics, however, is the biggest difference in the end result. Also, with the Snow White, or really any hard stone, you can work up a finer edge and higher polish by wiping the surface of the stone dry and working the edge a bit longer on the surface as it dries out further. When I do this with the Snow White it easily works up to at least a 10k polish and edge. I suppose the Chosera 10k can take you a little farther if you do the same thing, and while it definitely puts on a brighter polish at the get go, I believe the vast majority of people wouldn’t be able to tell a difference in actual sharpness between it and the Snow White. The Chosera 10k is awesome, no doubt. But, if you’ve ever wanted one, and couldn’t justify the expense this is the stone to get. Naniwa’s best kept secret!
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