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Naniwa Chosera 400 Grit Stone Review

Sat May 05, 2012 12:36 pm

Chosera 400 Grit
Location (City, State):Izmir, Turkey
Review:Chosera #400 is a hard and very dish resistant stone. It takes a little time to form slurry, but then it glides on yanagi’s blade. You may first try this stone for setting bevels/minor repairs on yanagis before going to a rougher stone. I prefer this over Beston #500 on yanagi, because Beston frequently needs water and its abbrasives get cought up in front on shinogi line and scratches the flat part of yanagi.On deba knife, this stone feels a little rougher, because of deba’s thick and narrow blade characteristics. For deba, I would prefer either Naniwa #150 or Beston #220, which Mark added lately. On the other hand, I would prefer it over Beston #500 on deba, as well. On double bevel knives, I don’t like it much because the narrow blade road skids on the stone rather than bite into it. At the end, if you have space for another stone, buy it for single bevel knives to use it for light bevel setting/minor repair work or as intermediary stone between very rough and medium grit stones. Good stone.
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