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Re: My knives are here!

Fri Nov 22, 2013 10:20 pm

I didn't notice any real dragging, just that it lifted the onion when making horizontal cuts is all. Other than that I had no issues with it. I think once I get comfortable enough with the water stones I may thin the blade a little. I might try polishing that area though and see how it performs then. Thanks for the info! lol

As far as the Kohetsu, I was looking at that one but it is a little much at this time. I will probably be staying in the $100-ish range. $110-$120 at the top end of the scale, but definitely not $170 or over $200 for the Konosuke. I'm not partial to stainless or carbon, as long as it takes a nice edge and is easy to sharpen.

I am looking at the AEBL stuff from the Artifex line and also the Tojiro DP gyutos. Mark even has a set with the Tojiro DP 210mm gyuto and the paring knife for $100. I was eyeing that set hard before ordering my Yamashins. lol The Yamashin gyuto looks nice, but I want to give another steel a try as well, so this time I want a knife with either a decent stainless or carbon other than white #1 to play with. The Zakuri Blue #1 looks nice as well. Too many options to choose from, even at my meager price range! lol
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