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Murata, Kohetsu and Richmond AS Laser

Fri Oct 04, 2013 7:19 am

Hi, I'll try to keep this simple:


Murata Buho Funayuki 165mm (item: Buho Funi)

Is it a 50/50 grind/ left-and right handed handle? (this knife could be shared by many people)


Kaneshige Stainless 240mm Wa-Gyuto (item: Kaneshige 240 gyuto)

Is it a 50/50 grind?
What is the blade height at the heel?

How would you describe the difference between the material/craftsmanship in theses two knives:

Kohetsu-G240 240mm Gyuto

Richmond Laser Aogami 240mm Gyuto

Your website is great. But, it would be nice if you had a very simple form to describe every knife; some knives are elaborately described, some minimally.

Regarding your return policy: what if I want to chop some Italian parsley for 15 minutes before committing to a $150 knife? Can I clean it and send it back?

Thanks for your time,


Re: Murata, Kohetsu and Richmond AS Laser

Fri Oct 04, 2013 7:28 am

Hi Tim,

Thanks very much. I appreciate the compliment and I'm glad you enjoy the site.

The Murata is evenly hammered out and the edge is two sided with a octagonal type handle so it's good for right and left handed users.

The Richmond AS Laser and the Kohetsu use the same steel but the blade profile and grinds and heat treat are different as is the handle. Here's my personal preference for each based on these factors. My tastes are different from others so just keep that in mind.

Price: Kohetsu
Heat Treatment: Kohetsu (I get detailed analysis of each batch which is unheard of)
Finish: Richmond (I love the bead blast finish on it)
Profile: Richmond
Edge: Toss up
Handle: Richmond
Box: Kohetsu
Performance: Toss up
Hand Made: Richmond (tiny shop vs bigger production shop for kohetsu)

I hope this didn't confuse you more.

Also, we try and put general and specific info on each page but it's something we need to improve on. Believe it or not we've been working hard on this when time permits but it's a huge task considering how many items we have on the site. If you have specific items you want more info on or stats on let me know and I'll spec them out and put them on the item page.

Re: Murata, Kohetsu and Richmond AS Laser

Fri Oct 04, 2013 7:32 am

Also, our return policy states you can send new unused knives back to us within 30 days and there is a 10% restock fee for all returns. If you're a regular customer and you return something we usually reduce the restock fee to just the cost of our shipping to you. We don't usually take used knives back since we can't sell them as new. I'm sure you wouldn't want me to sell you a knife some other guy used to chop up a bunch of stuff and then returned. Cutting paper to test would be fine.

Re: Murata, Kohetsu and Richmond AS Laser

Fri Oct 04, 2013 10:02 am

With the AS Laser vs Kohetsu, the AS Laser is crazy thin behind the edge, but has some nice weight to it and more convexing. The Kohetsu is more of a Laser type knife, thinner all the way around. The Kohetsu may edge out the AS Laser in edge holding, but it would be splitting hairs. Handles, well, I do new ones for my knives anyway, so that doesn't matter to me! Profile, I like the AS 240mm Laser profile, haven't seen the 240mm Kohetsu (still gotta order mine, Mark hold one please!) but nothing jumps out as being bad for me from the pics I have seen.

The biggest difference is in the grinds. The Laser AS is very very thin behind the edge and has a good convex and gets a little thicker 1/3 the way up the blade (near the top of the bead blasted section) and then tapers back down towards the handle. This gives a sturdier knife, less flex to the blade, and some heft to it. It cuts VERY well on softer foods, but on harder foods like sweet potatoes and carrots, because the thickest portion is 1/3 the way up the blade, it may wedge or crack those foods since the item is being forced apart. My Tanaka Sekiso is the same overall thickness of the AS Laser, but the grind continues up the sides to the spine, so the thickest is at the spine and it's a more gently push for harder foods than the quicker shove of the AS Laser. The Kohetsu is much thinner overall than both the Tanaka and AS Laser, and the sides are slightly convexed, so it slips through harder foods easier due to less friction/pushing/shoving food apart as it goes through it, hence the term Laser. Both are really awesome with softer foods and the only real differences I noticed we were the hard/taller foods where the blade grind comes more in to play.
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