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Multiple stone questions

Fri May 24, 2013 8:34 am

Hello Mark

I have been doing quite an amount of research on varies websites and then here I am having a few questions that I hope you can help me with my decisions.

I am sort of ~ having a little difficulty on deciding upon the following knives :

Tanaka Damascus nakiri 165mm

Sakai Takayuki Damascus Wa-Nakiri 160mm

Sakai Takayuki Damascus Wa-gyuto 210mm

Can you please kindly tell me (if you have that info on hand ) that other than the core steel, which sort of metal that they are forged together ?

I am also interested in the Jyunayouhonyama small size polishing stone

I can see that the Amakusa stones are again available !

I am again torn between the Imanishi two sided 1K/6K and the King stone 800/6000 stones.

Can you please kindly give me some personal suggestions/ recommendation on the mentioned knives and stones, it'll be greatly appreciated .

I'll give you a little bit of my background. I do not use knives often but I do appreciate a keen blade. I usually rock slice and pull slice, chopping ? Still learning :p . I like to polish but where I live I cannot get good quality stones. That brings up another question , I live in Hong Kong, so can you please give me the shipping cost of deliveries of these items to me ?

Another little trivial question ~ I have been wanting to know whether the traditional Japanese grind is like, single bevel (which I may suggest to you you that you may list that out as a spec in you website). Would it be easier to polish and be very sharp due to the reduced grind angle ?

Sorry for all these numerous question and hoping to hear from you soon.

With best regards


Re: Multiple stone questions

Fri May 24, 2013 8:37 am

Hi Alex,

I like gyutos better than nakiris.
The don't reveal the cladding steel, just the core.
The Imanishi combo stone is what I recommend.

Usually I recommend you get a two sided knife unless you have a specific purpose for a single sided knife.

Re: Multiple stone questions

Sun May 26, 2013 12:47 am

Hello I am Alex from Hong Kong , educated in Canada but brought up using the the Chinese cleaver~ the all around knife So the knifes that interest me in now is the Nakiri :p

Re: Multiple stone questions

Sun May 26, 2013 1:17 am

ALEX <> I see you are imagining you will resonate with a Nakiri considering your comfort w/a chinese cleaver.

Something else you might consider looking at are the Gyutos by Shosui Takeda. I liken them to Nakiris w/pointed tips; maybe a way to expand your horizons, and show you a Gyuto does everything a Nakiri can while conversely a Nakiri can not do all a Gyuto can.

Re: Multiple stone questions

Sun May 26, 2013 9:53 am

Yes I had been eyeing on the Takeda bonka with the pointy tip and straight blade. Looks menacing!

I do have other chefs knives / henckle so I just want to try something different :)
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