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Moving on up from my Victorinox.

Tue Aug 21, 2012 1:34 pm

Wanted to step up from my Victorinox series, thinking of the Tojiro DP Chef Knife 240mm. Thoughts? Want to spend under 100 first time around.

Thoughts on the 210 vs the 240. I'm 5 10, average hands, already have a 10" chef?

For stones, looking at your Shapton 2pc starter kit. My chef instructor is using a 200/400 combo stone. He thought the 1000 is a tad fine.

Any help appreciated.

BTW, he gave your website glowing reviews.


Re: Moving on up from my Victorinox.

Tue Aug 21, 2012 1:34 pm

Hi Jay,

There are 3-4 knives that I recommend in this price range and you picked one of them. The other ones I like a lot are the Fujiwara FKM and my knife the Richmond Artifex. My knife has the best steel of the 3. The other two have integral bolsters which some like. I left it off mine to keep the price down and so I could offer people a really good steel at a low price.

I would get a 240mm. It will feel much better to you if you've been using a 10".

200/400 puts a really toothy edge on a knife but that edge won't last very long. I recommend you try the Shapton 2pc set as you planned. It's a great set to start with. The other one that I recommend all the time is this one:

Tell your instructor I told him thanks very much for the kind words. We really appreciate it. :)

Kind Regards,
Mark Richmond

Re: Moving on up from my Victorinox.

Tue Aug 21, 2012 2:40 pm

Yup, Artifex 240mm and that stone set is an awesome combo!! The 240 is a nice size, too. I have a few 210's, but only because I wanted a few shorter ones and I could only find one of the knives in 210; no 240's were made I guess :(

Re: Moving on up from my Victorinox.

Tue Aug 21, 2012 6:20 pm

This is the exact scenario I believe Artifex was made for. It seems you are in a culinary school of some sorts so (from my experience) someone will pick up your knife without asking and do something dumb with it. The artifex has great geometry and steel and a price that if something happens, its not the end of the world. I have owned one since release and its handles the restaurant environment like a champ.

Re: Moving on up from my Victorinox.

Tue Aug 21, 2012 9:31 pm

1000 is not too fine for any knife. Even Victorinox. I mean, I do repairs on my knives with a stone finer than he is finishing on. Constantly making a new 400 grit edge will eat up your knife way too fast. If you are getting a hard steel knife, 1000 will not bring out the full potential, and you need to stop somewhere higher.

Consider getting the Shapton Pro 2k--it's splash and go, leaves a nice edge for pro kitchen work, it's fast enough that you can repair small chips with it, or follow up your chef's 400 stone with it. I used to use the Pro 2k and a strop with .5 compound on it for my knives at work and they were sharp enough to make easy work of cutting maki with unagi on the outside covered in plastic wrap.
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