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>> Most of the inventory... <<

Fri Mar 08, 2013 3:54 pm






Forschner 5.5” Yo-Santoku
Tojiro DP 150mm Gokujo
Miyabi Henkels 180mm Usuba
Tojiro DP 210mm Yo-Deba
Kyocera Kyotop 130mm (zirconia 206 ceramic) Yo-Petty
Kyocera Kyotop 155mm (zirconia 206 ceramic) Yo-Gyuto
Moritaka AS 150mm Wa-Honesuki
Moritaka AS 170mm Wa-Santoku
Tamahagane Tsuchime SanMai VG-5 90mm Yo-Petty
Tamahagane Tsuchime SanMai VG-5 210mm Yo-Gyuto
Suisin Honyaki INOX 240mm Wa-Gyuto
Kanehiro SanMai Ginsanko 150mm Wa-Petty
Kanehiro SanMai AS 210mm Wa-Gyuto
Kanehiro SanMai AS 240mm Wa-Gyuto
Konosuke HD 120mm Wa-Petty
Konosuke HD 150mm Wa-Honesuki
Konosuke HD 210mm Wa-Funayuki (custom oversized wa)
Konosuke HD 240mm Wa-Funayuki
Konosuke HD 270mm Wa-Funayuki
Misono 440 270mm Yo-Sujihiki

(top photo) UP A LEVEL & TO RIGHT:
Tanaka Aoniki (KU) 180mm Wa-Deba
Tanaka Aoniki (KU) 165mm Wa-Deba
Hiromoto Ginsanko 170mm Yo-Deba (super interesting asymmetrical semi convex grind)
Carter Warikomi Shirogami Fukugozai 5.2 sun Wa-Funayuki
Ryusen Tsuchime Damascus VG-10 180mm Yo-Gyuto
Unidentified “made in Japan 1995” teflon-coated 150mm Yo-Petty {2 each}
(they look kitch, but these are two awesome little pettys)
Vintage French Carbon 75mm Yo-Petty
Asai Damascus VG-10 75mm Wa-Petty
Kasumi Damascus VG-10 75mm Yo-Petty
Tojiro DP 75mm Yo-Petty (tourne)

(top photo) STRAIGHT UP:
Henkels 4-Star II 5” boning
Wusthof Ikon 4” utility
Black Diamond 3” parer
Wusthof Classic 3.5” parer
Mundial 2.5” tourne
Forschner 3.5” serrated parer

Forschner 5” boning {2 each}
Forschner 8” breaking
Wusthof 20cm butcher knife

(top photo) MIDDLE TOP DOWN
Wusthof Ikon Blackwood 20cm Chef’s
Wusthof Avantgarde 20cm Chef’s {3 each} --- {3 more not pictured}
Wusthof Avantgarde 15cm Chef’s --- {1 more not pictured}
Wusthof Avantgarde 20cm slicer
Forschner Fibrox 19cm petty
Forschner Fibrox 12cm petty
Forschner Rosewood serrated 19cm petty
Forschner Fibrox serrated 26cm bread
Wusthof Classic 14cm boning

(top photo) TO THE LEFT & UP
Henkels 4-Star 160mm Chef’s (I reprofiled it to honesuki in 1999)
Forschner Fibrox 20cm Chef’s {2 each}
Wusthof Grand Prix I 26cm Chef’s
Wusthof Grand Prix I 20cm slicer
Wusthof Granton Classic 16cm Chef’s
Wusthof Grand Prix I 16cm Chef’s
Wusthof Grand Prix I 20cm Chef’s {4 each} --- {3 have been sold}

500 Beston
3000 King
8000 Kitayama w/matched nagura

- outside inward -
1000 Minosharp
5000 Suehiro Rika
1200 Nubutama Bamboo
2000 Naniwa Aotoshi

6 micron diamond film on glass
1200 Atoma diamond plate
140 Atoma diamond plate
Jnat Ozuku Asagi
Jnat Yaginoshima w/tomo-nagura
600 Atoma diamond plate ¼’ed on granite

not in photo that I have floating around:
Tamahagane Damascus VG-5 150mm Yo-Petty
Konosuke Fujiyama Warikomi Shiroko 240mm Wa-Gyuto
Shun Classic VG-10 150mm Yo-Gokujo
Shun Classic VG-10 95mm Yo-Petty
1200 Bester
6000 King
3000/8000 Wusthof
1000/4000 Norton
2k/5k/8k/15k Shapton Pros
400 Atoma diamond plate
XXC DMT plate
2000 Nubutama Ume "Olive Brick of Joy"
400 Latte (Kyoto)
Jnat Meara w/aoto-nagura & tomo-nagura

(2nd photo) TOP TO BOTTOM
Kaneshige Shirogami3 240mm Wa-Yanagiba
Masamoto KS Shironiko 250mm Wa-Gyuto
Ikkanshi Tadatsuna G3 270mm Wa-Gyuto
Konosuke Shironiko 240mm Wa-Gyuto
Forgecraft Carbon 10" Yo-Gyuto
Forgecraft Carbon 8" Yo-Gyuto

(3rd photo) TOP TO BOTTOM
Katsushige Anryu Aoniko 270mm Wa-Sujihiki
Sukenari ZDP-189 240mm Wa-Gyuto
Tojiro ITK SS 270mm Yo-Serrated
Murata Buho SanMai Aogami 210mm Wa-Gyuto
Teruyasu Fujiwara SanMai Shiroko 240mm Wa-Gyuto
Sakai Takayuki Grand Cheff AEB-l 150mm Yo-Hankotsu

(4th photo) TOP TO BOTTOM
Suisin INOX 210mm Yo-Gyuto
Konosuke Fujiyama warikomi Aoniko 240mm Wa-Gyuto
Takayuki Grand Cheff AEB-L 240mm Wa-Gyuto
Masakage Koishi SanMai AS 240mm Wa-Gyuto
Tanaka Sekiso SanMai Aoniko 240mm Wa-Gyuto
Sakai Takayuki SanMai Ginsanko Damascus 240mm Wa-Gyuto

(5th photo) TOP TO BOTTOM
Masakage Yuki SanMai Shironiko 240mm Wa-Gyuto
Konosuke Fujiyama Warikomi Shironiko 270mm Wa-Gyuto

Re: >> Most of the inventory... <<

Fri Mar 08, 2013 4:11 pm

EPIC kit Mel!

How do you use them all? Do you separate them into kits?


Re: >> Most of the inventory... <<

Fri Mar 08, 2013 4:29 pm

Wow 8)

How do you store them all?

Re: >> Most of the inventory... <<

Fri Mar 08, 2013 5:10 pm

That is quite an impressive collection, my friend.

Re: >> Most of the inventory... <<

Fri Mar 08, 2013 8:44 pm

Whoa! Not a pretty handle in sight...

Just look away... nothing to see here...

Re: >> Most of the inventory... <<

Sat Mar 09, 2013 1:55 am

Woof! Thats quite a site. I'm envious.

Re: >> Most of the inventory... <<

Sat Mar 09, 2013 5:31 am

Finally someone posted a bigger collection than mine!

Re: >> Most of the inventory... <<

Sat Mar 09, 2013 7:53 pm

Impressive! :o How many years of collecting does this account for?

Re: >> Most of the inventory... <<

Wed Mar 13, 2013 2:20 pm

Konos and "Kanos?" (Kanehiros), a very nice set indeed, and plenty of them! Well, I don't feel so bad anymore.

But.. yeah, where do you store that big ol' package when it's not busy stabbing? :mrgreen:

Re: >> Most of the inventory... <<

Sun Mar 31, 2013 6:38 pm

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