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Moritaka vs kanehiro vs takeda

Thu Nov 29, 2012 2:48 pm

Okay so I'm ready to buy an aogami super steel gyuto. I hear only great things about all three of these brands, but I need your opinions! Anyone want to sound off any distinct advantages they see in any one of these 3 brands?

I know the Kanehiro has a stainless clad finish and the moritaka and takeda are kurouchi finish, but I like the idea of either type. I just want a sweet AS knife to try out and play with.

Are there differences between fit and finish? Anyone have preference for one of the brands of steel?

Thanks for your help!

Re: Moritaka vs kanehiro vs takeda

Fri Nov 30, 2012 8:15 am

As much as I do like most of the knives I've gotten from Moritaka....when I think custom AS knife, Takeda is what comes to mind. He is the king of AS knives in my humble opinion.

The Kanehiro was a nice knife....never used it though so I can't comment directly on it's performance....sorry.

I've had some small fit & finish issues with Moritaka's....and to be honest I had some with my first Takeda as well. But, I've had less with Takeda's than Moritaka. They're typically small issues that can be overlooked in most cases. But I did find the AS in the Takeda's performed better than the Moritaka's. Placebo effect perhaps...cause the difference is tiny.

I would probably base my decision more on the style of knife.....Moritaka's gyuto profile versus Kanehiro's versus Takeda's. I think that would mean more than the steel.

Re: Moritaka vs kanehiro vs takeda

Fri Nov 30, 2012 8:46 am

TARHEEL <> I own and use Moritaka AOS, & Kanehiro San Mai AOS, as well... no Takedas as I dont like his dimesions/profiles.

I find the Moritaka Supreme to be an awesome light knife able to take sickening edges that last as one would expect from AOS @Rc65-66. I also find the Rc65-66 to be a bit brittle for high-volume professional use... perfect for a prima donna country-club chef or residential usage. I'm not bashing them; I LOVE THEM, but in my humble opinion - it is what it is. I use mine on low-volume days, but mostly @home.

The Kanehiro's AOS, amazes me. I have never got a knife as sharp as I can get Kato San's AOS (up to kityama). Silly sharp where rocking is out of the question because it digs in poly boards. It exhibits an extremely blade heavy balance, and has, for me, an extremely short handle (I have the 210 & have the 240 on order fyi). I find that the spine/choil needs rounding, and I will be doing so when I find time.

Takedas: I don't own one to comment on performance.

And I agree totally w/Adam, profile is the most important facet of this comparison. As for Gyutos, I would never by a Takeda @that height.

Re: Moritaka vs kanehiro vs takeda

Fri Nov 30, 2012 9:50 am

Each one has it's benefits.

Takeda is thin and tall. I like his gyutos a lot. I had his gyutos in mind when I made my Addict.
Kanehiros are work horse knives and a little thicker and stiffer so if I wanted something for a work situation where I was doing lots of prep I would go with this. I also like the stainless cladding.
The Moritakas pettys and yanagis are my favorite of this group. I like the shape of the pettys and the steel sharpens up great.

Re: Moritaka vs kanehiro vs takeda

Sat Dec 01, 2012 8:54 am

Thanks for all the great replies! I haven't really tried a gyuto as tall as takeda's yet, so I'm not sure if I would like it or not. I'm leaning toward the moritaka just based on price, but my mind will probably change like 20 times before I order at the end of next week.

Thanks again!

Re: Moritaka vs kanehiro vs takeda

Sat Dec 01, 2012 12:11 pm

TARHEEL <> Good luck!
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