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Moritaka Supreme 240mm gyuto review

Mon Jul 23, 2012 1:25 pm

Moritaka Supreme 240mm gyuto
Name:Tim Darlington
Location (City, State):Philadelphia
Review:Just got this knife in tonight. Starting out I’d like to say: I’ve got a Moritaka nakiri and a petty from Mark already. Alongside the reputaion of the Moritaka Hamono, I already trusted Mark Richmond as a seller. I knew he would never sell anything that was not top quality. That’s why I buy all of my knives and sharpening supplies from this site. But beside that, I’ve got to say that both the nakiri and the petty (130mm) have been real treasures to me in a professional setting. I’ve slapped the hands of new guys in the kitchen for picking up my Moritakas, they just don’t have the respect nor the skill to handle one. They are my babies. But I wanted a real multitasker for so long, and a nikiri can only go so far. I wanted a real multi-task tool, something that the Japanese aren’t really known for. Each knife usually serves a few functions particularly well, and not much else. So seeing that Moritaka has created a blade profile that generally speaking fits the "Multi-tasker" profile, I really wanted to jump on the bandwaggon. I have to point out that I was not gung-ho about dropping 230 on a knife originally. I have gotten very high end single beveled, traditional Japanese knives before, and while they are amazing at what they do, I was really in the market for something that would a) fit my budget and b) do everything that a good knife should do. I think I’ve found it with this knife. Already this is my go-to knife for everything. Specialisation is great, if you’ve got the tools. Having a tool that meets any task, no matter how big or how small, that there is something worth getting to know. In short: If you’re looking for a chef’s knife, this may be the one for you. If you already are a fan of Moritaka’s products and are looking for the rare oppertunity to find a knife that isn’t specialized but very ranged, this is for you. Dang, if you’re just looking for a Japanese knife, this may not be for you but it won’t put you off I should think. Top marks all around.
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