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Moritaka Questions

Wed Sep 12, 2012 7:37 am


I just recently found interest in investing in a really good chef's knife. I don't cook food for a living but I really enjoy preparing my food at home.

This knife really caught my eye and I'm very interested in buying it (unfortunately it was out of stock)

But before I go ahead and purchase one, I just wanted to ask you some basic questions, hopefully you'll find the time to answer them

1. Is the knife delivered with any form of storage? Or is that something I should purchase separetely?
2. Maintenance - how do you maintain a knife like this, besides the obvious sharpening. For example where should I store it, should I wrap it in something after each use, should I clean it during food-preparation etc.
3. How is it shipped? In what kind of container is the knife kept?
4. And finally, obviously I need to invest in a sharpener. Should I invest in stone sharpeners?

I really hope you could help me with this, I've already made the decision to purchase a knife (hopefully from you), but I just wanted to know some of the basics behind "knife-wielding".

Best Regards,


Re: Moritaka Questions

Wed Sep 12, 2012 7:44 am

Hi Axel,

1. It comes in a blue box.
2. Yes most people put the knife on a magnetic strip, knife block or in drawer holder. If you want to store it in the drawer, loose, I recommend a simple blade guard like this:
3. USPS or FedEx
4. Yes you shoud learn to sharpen. It will greatly inhance your enjoyment of the knife and all your current knives. Try this 2 sided stone:

I did a bunch of free tutorials on sharpening. Check here:

Our big Moritaka order is sitting 120 miles to the south of us in customs in Chicago. We should get it soon.

Re: Moritaka Questions

Wed Sep 12, 2012 11:12 am

Do it.. I love mine! I stripped the finish and forced a patina. It's my number one used knife for prep. I think the 240mm Konsuke sayas will fit it as well.
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