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moritaka or kanehiro

Wed Jul 18, 2012 8:44 pm

Looking at the 210 gyutos..
I prefer the kanehiro, but how is the geometry?
When I read it was 3.5mm thick and tapers, I wasnt sure if it wedges or just adds heft.

Re: moritaka or kanehiro

Wed Jul 18, 2012 10:59 pm

I have not used a Kanehiro, so I may not be the best person to answer this. But I have a Moritaka Supreme 240 gyuto as well as the 150 petty and both have been a dream to use. The gyuto holds its own, time after time, against my sous chef's 270 Takeda. I'm sure you would get similar performance from the Kanehiro, and if stainless clad is something you're interested in, that could be a deal breaker. I will say that the "kurouchi" finish is not something that will do much...seems more like something that was added for aesthetics as opposed to being a by-product of the forging. But I just ended up rubbing mine off and letting the iron take its own patina (much more red than the blue patina that the AS edge takes). So yeah, depending on whether or not this is a knife for home or in a professional kitchen, the metal used for cladding might make a difference.

On another note, Whether you're working for home or in a pro kitchen, I would strongly suggest looking in to going with a 240mm. I was adamant about the fact that I preferred the more nimble 210 size until a different sous pointed out that; if you have the space, a bigger knife has more possibilities, and you will get used to the size. This ended up being very true and the difference between a half bunch of chives and a full bunch of chives in one go. But then, if you have limited space, I suppose that though is moot.

Either way you go, I am sure that you will end up with an amazing knife that will keep you happy for a long time. I guess just on personal experience, I will vote for the Moritaka

Re: moritaka or kanehiro

Thu Jul 19, 2012 1:07 am

I have the Kanehiro 210mm gyuto and love it. It has become my Go To knife.

Re: moritaka or kanehiro

Thu Jul 19, 2012 5:01 am

I have never owned a Moritaka anything, nor a Kanehiro gyuto. I do own a Kanehiro 150mm Wa-petty. I can only speak to the maker's quality-which is excellent. Super sharp OOTB. The stainless cladding outer layer is more reactive than I expected. The price point is great as well. I would jump on a 270mm gyuto if one was available, I say go Kanehiro.

Re: moritaka or kanehiro

Thu Jul 19, 2012 1:26 pm

kriegs: Ive been planning on getting a stainless 240 later in the future. But I feel a 210 carbon is where Im at right now.

If anyone could be generous enough to tell me about how thick mm per inch tha'd be great. If not, Im okay with that.

Re: moritaka or kanehiro

Fri Jul 20, 2012 1:23 pm

JP <> I own said Kanehiro & albeit a Santoku, a Moritaka, as well. MY Kanehiro (they differ) weighs in @155 grams & although I don't have the Moritaka Gyuto, nor stats @CKTG to reference, I can say that my Santoku is a light knife; by virtue of its construction, thats to be expected of course. The lamination on the Kanehiro almost creates a secondary edge which effectively splays your slices away.

As for geometry, the Kanehiro is a big 210. I'm at work on-the-road right now & didn't bring either of these two so i cant measure for you, but I'd guess the Kanehiro is actually closer to 215. It has a big belly, and it's tall... measuring in @48mm. The Moritaka Gyuto is I believe in the mid to low 40's, and with a noticeably flatter belly.

Furthermore, the Kane is frigin AWESOME. I have never got a steel as consistently sharp as my Kane. Screaming Scary Sharp whereas i cant even rock it on a polyethylene board because it digs. The Mori is awesome, as well, there is this intangible about the way a Moritaka feels in your hand - cutting product, but my issue with my Mori is simply the HRC (assuming your talking AOS or Damascus). It's really brittle. I only use it on low volume days, or at home because I have to be so conscious of any lateral movements. Any inadvertent lateral movements & I can hear the AOS creak, literally. My next Mori will be Blue #2, but the 250 isn't available in it so I probably wont be going with a Moritaka for a long while as that's the only profile of theirs I'm currently interested in.

Re: moritaka or kanehiro

Fri Jul 20, 2012 1:44 pm

melampus: Thanks alot, you gave me alot of insight.
What degree edge did you put on each knife?

Im all for sharp, but Id also like the option to rock when needed to.
AS and Ao #2 edge holding/rendition very, or slightly better on AS?

Re: moritaka or kanehiro

Fri Jul 20, 2012 2:17 pm

JP <> I don't use jigs or machines or any of that stuff. I'm a plain Jane kinda guy; gimme 2 or 3 stones & I'm happy. I reckon it's around 10-12 degrees - as I split off square... 90/45/22/11.

Regarding the Kane, after awhile I can rock it, but right after sharpening... not happening. It's just awesome steel & an awesome knife. At 62-63 HRC & the metallurgical properties Hiroshi-San's forging created in my blade... I'm in love with it. Like I said, arguably my favorite knife.

Regarding Blue Super:Blue #2, I don't have one of THEIR #2's to contrast. Theoretically, the Super will hold a steeper angle longer, but their #2 is still hard as hell @HRC61 & I know it would perform admirably. Like I said, HRC66 is just too brittle for my taste... unless I'm just chillin. I'm rarely just chillin.

Re: moritaka or kanehiro

Fri Jul 20, 2012 2:39 pm

Im the same way, Im not a knife enthusist/ collector. I just have 220/1000 and a 6k.
For me its all about serving and making people happy, and enjoying it in the process.

hmm, I feel like if I get the #2 instead of AS, its like running a marathon and quitting halfway.
And I know Im not going to run again in the next 5 years.
Or maybe its like running a different race..? idk.

Re: moritaka or kanehiro

Fri Jul 20, 2012 3:19 pm

JP <> Hmmm... I may be misinterpreting you, but I assure you; owning a jig doesn't make you a collector/enthusiast. To me, it makes you a cheat. :roll:

From your text, I reckon you're leaning towards the Mori. Let me just say, I recommend your choice lie in geometrical preference. If you like a larger knife with a considerable belly, Kanehiro hands down. If you're going with the Mori, I don't resonate w/ your analogy. The "Super" doesn't mean it's super, it means its different. A Mori is a Mori is a Mori is a Mori, and a Moritaka... any Moritaka is an awesome piece of steel. It's all about application... period. What tool is most appropriate for your task at hand. For me, in a busy professional kitchen, I reckon their Blue #2 would be uber super duper. The AOS is what I pull out to prep for VIPs where every movement is painfully deliberate... every action planned with extensive detail.. super in a very different way. Not practical for the majority of my time, but it has its place.
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