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Moritaka Aogami #2 Review

Sat Jun 02, 2012 9:37 am

Moritaka Aogami #2 Nakiri
Name:Larry K.
Location (City, State):Chicago
Review:I really wanted a Takeda, and I felt I was settling for second best, but I just couldn’t get myself to come up with the cash. Now that I have the Moritaka, I wonder why I didn’t just buy one sooner. It’s great! Very light, very sharp, very easy to sharpen. I was also worried about rust, but I have found the Moritaka to be less prone to rust than my Masamoto HC’s. I touched up the edge with my Edge-Pro at 15 degrees, and the thing is very sharp. A few passes on a ceramic rod makes daily use as sharp as any knife I have. So far, I love this knife.
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