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This is a free service where you can buy and sell knives and sharpening equipment and kitchen tools. There is no fee for posting items but we require that you've made at least 30 posts on our forum before you post something for sale.
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Fri Nov 02, 2012 7:02 am

Well...all the aforementioned knives are spoken for (sold, given away, or kept) except for the one lonely Tojiro Shirogami 120mm Petty. This fine knife (only a few months old) needs a worthy home and caring hands to help it reach its full potential. Sadly #2 white steel requires too much attention in my workplace kitchen and has been replaced with a stainless knife (as has the matching 165mm Santoku, but I'm keeping that one for home use; it is a super-performing blade)...hence my loss is your gain.

$25.00 shipped CONUS. This price really isn't negotiable.

Picture on earlier "For Sale" post on this Forum
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