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More Nubatama stone choices for the EP!

Mon May 20, 2013 6:00 pm

I have some more Nubatama stones cut for the EP. They will be on the way to Mark shortly and when he returns from Japan they will be going up on the CKTG site.

These include the following Nubatama Bamboo stones:

220 Black
1k Gold

and the following Nubatama Ume stones:

1k Speckled Medium hardness

In addition to these stones, I also have the Nubatama 1k speckled Ume extra hard ('hard hard') formulation cut for the EP too. This stone, no longer available directly from Mark is super hard - considerably harder than the Shaptons for instance and similar in hardness to an Ozuku or Nakayama Asagi (near granite hard). I predict that, with the precise angle control available with the EP that this will be a truly exceptional stone for those liking precision. Mark isn't carrying this XX hard or the hard formulation (for now) but if it gets enough reviews, that could change. If someone wants the hard formulation 1k Speckled Ume, just contact me. I plan on making that one available for the EP too.

I also have some 120 and 180 Bamboo stones cut that Mark should order when he comes back from Japan, since these are sold out, so if you need them, just click to send you info when they come back in stock or send me a PM if you just can't wait.

The 150 Bamboo is already restocked. This is an extremely popular stone, especially on the EP. If you are following the Atoma 140 with a stone rahter than the 400 Atoma, this stone converts the Atoma 140 scratch pattern beautifully and is a superb bevel setter in its own right. Super fast burr formation with a very smooth finish for a 150 grit stone.

So the 220 black is the third of the Nubatama 220 stones and like this group of Bamboo stones coming to Mark now, this was added after the initial series were established. It is a very nice followup to the very coarsest of the Ume stones like the 24 and 60 grit Ume. I have a limited amount of these for the EP and there will be a future shipment of these to Mark. They are little beasts for stones on the EP.

The 1k Gold is similar to the Speckled Ume, intermediate in hardness between the Medium and Hard formulations. A very nice and undiscovered stone that is both affordable and underrated. It too was added late to the series but should earn a very popular following.

The 3k Bamboo is like the 2k Bamboo in terms of formulation, just a bit finer but equally amazing, giving a finish comparable to a very nice natural stone. With the consistency of a synthetic stone but the finish of a synthetic stone.

The 5k also gives a nice contrasting finish and is probably one of the most versatile stones in this grit range available - for carbon especially but also comfortable with stainless. If you like the Rika stone, you'll love this stone

The 15k is of the same style as the 2k and 3k and gives a finish up there with the finer natural polishing stones. It should be considered as fine - or finer - than the 15k Shaptons with a feel like the Naniwa 12k but nicer. I would think of it in terms of being a substitute for 30k stones or high end natural polishing stones but - while expensive - less so than these other alternatives. Totally addicting.

I can't wait to get some feedback from the EP community regarding these newest batch of Nubatama stones that I'm introducing here.

This completes the introduction of the Nubatama Bamboo series. In the future, the remaining Ume series stones will become available for the EP.

My mailbox fills up here often, so if you can't get a PM to me here, contact me at ksskss@earthlink.net .

I'm real excited to get these stones out to the EP community!!


Re: More Nubatama stone choices for the EP!

Thu May 30, 2013 3:13 pm

Mark has them up on his site!

They still need a bit of a web tuneup, but Mark is working on putting more info on about them, etc.

There are a limited amount of these and some of the stones are already running out, but I'll be able to get a few more of them in of the ones that ran out, so click on them to get in the cure for email notifications! Note that the two Ume stones - 1k and 2k are on the page too. More to come!

I'm real excited to get comments about these from EP users! I think a whole new level of expertise will be developing here as these stones see more widespread use on the EP!


Re: More Nubatama stone choices for the EP!

Fri Jun 14, 2013 6:29 pm


An all Nubatama set of stones going out to a customer 150 Bamboo, 400 Bamboo, 1000 Bamboo Gold, 2000 Ume, 5000 Bamboo and 10,000 Bamboo. The 1000 Bamboo Gold is a new arrival for the EP, as is the 2000 Ume and 5000 Bamboo . The 150 Bamboo is one of the more well known stones as is the 400 Bamboo and 10000 Bamboo that were in the first initial series made. With the addition of some kangaroo strops on glass and CBN emulsion to match, this is a state of the art setup! With a full sized 140 Atoma Plate too!


Re: More Nubatama stone choices for the EP!

Mon Jul 15, 2013 4:09 pm

Well now that these Nubatama stones are available on the EP, I'd encourage those of you wqho have purchased some and put some use on it to give us some more feedback on them, preferably as individual reviews in separate threads or just short reviews - even in this thread.

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