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More knife suggestions wanted

Wed Oct 31, 2012 8:58 am

Hi Mark

Well, my wonderful better half Peggy just arrived this morning in Santiago with all the goodies you have sent in the last weeks to my Florida home. Once again everything arrived perfectly (timing and content) thanks to your impeccable attention to details. Thanks so much. No doubt you have become my favorite go to person for all of my knives and associated equipment.

So now its time to look at some other things I still have to make some decisions on before Xmas. As always I very much appreciate your suggestions.

1. For knives I am looking for a high quality bread knife, a cleaver and maybe a boning knife

a. There are so many options for bread knives but, – what I am looking for is a long and sharp knife I also plan to use for Panini cutting. Needs a hard edge. ZKnives thinks the world of the Gude 7431/32 knife but I am not even sure where to get that from (do you have any idea maybe?) . Do have any other recommendations in that length (about 12 “) quality, functionality and hardness range?

b. For the cleaver once again the Takeda is a top choice although ZKnives also highly recommends the Moritaka cleaver. It certainly is heavier than the Takeda but the trade-off it is harder. Do you have any thoughts on that? In a way I would not mind having more than Takeda (incl. maybe a Damascus blade) in my new knife collection but I really do not want to compromise quality and steel hardness by doing that. What other Cleavers in the quality of Takeda plus level would you recommend?

c. What are your thoughts for a good boning knife – again, I am open to look beyond Takeda for a little variety but I do not want to compromise quality by doing that.

2. Strops. I think this is an easier topic and my thoughts are to add to my collection a cow hide and kangaroo hide strop. Along with the Balsa strop you just sent me I think I have all the tools to get to a very fine edge – do you have any other thoughts on that???

As always I appreciate your thoughts

Best regards Walter

Re: More knife suggestions wanted

Wed Oct 31, 2012 9:07 am

Hi Walter.

For bread knife try mine. It's made of AEB-L and I hardened it to 61 Rockwell. I think you would like it: http://www.chefknivestogo.com/riarbrkn27.html

The Moritaka cleavers are fun to use. They're dead flat and they are heavier than the Takedas. I prefer the Takeda cleavers a little over the Moritaka but both are good.

Sugimoto makes excellent cleavers and I would recommend you add one to your collection. Try the Sugimoto #6: http://www.chefknivestogo.com/suchcl6.html

For a boning knife my Damscus Honesuki came out great. The Damscus is beautiful on these knives. I really like them a lot. I think you would enjoy it: http://www.chefknivestogo.com/ridaho16.html

For strops the Kangaroo works really well as does the nano cloth. Both take spray compounds really well and are fine enough to let the sprays do the work.

Phew,,,, I hope that helps. :)

Re: More knife suggestions wanted

Wed Oct 31, 2012 12:07 pm

What are you wanting from a cleaver? Cleavers come in many variants...heavy for bones, medium for in between, and thin for veggie/meat prep.

That said, and I admittingly am not a cleaver fan, the best one I've seen is the Takeda's and the Mizuno (which CKTG doesn't carry....yet). However, I've only seen very few.

Bread knife....yeah, the Artifex bread is nice. The Gude is a beast and I wasn't a huge fan. It did it's job famously....but man it felt like a brick.

As a straight, Western kitchen compliant, boning knife, I prefer the hankotsu shape.
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