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Miami area resturant suggestions

Fri Nov 16, 2012 10:18 am

Anyone have a resturant suggestions or site seeing suggestions for the Miami area

Re: Miami area resturant suggestions

Fri Nov 16, 2012 4:42 pm

NICO <> Prime 112... awesome high-end steakhouse (Buddha the GM touches every table). Barton G's... moderate-high price point - entertaining selections like a pacman dessert served on an actual pacman game (sounds kitch, but it's a high end place). Guru... moderate price point Indian (northern & southern) - south end of SoBe. Hakkasan... high-end price point - OUT OF THIS WORLD ASIAN in the Fountainbleu. Barton Weiss also owns the old Versace Mansion & turned into a must go called Mansion. Joe's Stone Crab... a landmark on the bottom of SoBe by the port dating back to yesteryear - awesome service, simple quick food. After you can walk down the inlet for pictures or just to chill on a bench and stare at paradise (it's awesome here).

Sight seeing: not my thing, but The Standard hotel is a must go. The spa is nuts. The hammam and baths are worth it alone, but the waterfall hot tub in concert with the freeze tub, next to the topless infiniti pool - right on the bay w/food and drink at your fingertips. PRICELESS.

Also, check the Adrian Arscht center for shows if you're into the symphony. Unlikely - but if any of your party is a yogi, Miami Life Center is owned/run down on the South end of SoBe by a world renowned Ashtangi... Kino MacGregor.

Party scene: Nikki Beach on SoBe is a hotspot for all the beautiful people. The Delano is a cool hotel club lounge. Club Space for dancing/rolling into the next day. Liv Night club... another. B.E.D. is cool SoBe restaurant/club... there are actually beds.

Re: Miami area resturant suggestions

Fri Nov 16, 2012 6:09 pm

Thanks for the suggestions any decent knife shops here or kitchen supply I'm staying at the westin diplomat excited to go explore went to calle Ocho yesterday for some authentic Cuban food looking forward to eating well and checking out the scene

Re: Miami area resturant suggestions

Fri Nov 16, 2012 7:13 pm

NICO <> Knife shops/restaurant supply... not so much. I mean there are commercial supply houses you can buy from with an account, but its commercial quality, nothing like you're thinking. There is Restaurant Depot, Restaurant Warehouse, Regal Supply... I live on the top of the tri-county, you're on the bottom so im not exactly a local for specialty shops like you're looking for. I have been cooking here for over 20 years so I know the landscape, but I've never known of any nice specialty knife shops. It's a city, but it's not The City where you can roll down the Bowery for cool restaurant stuff.

It's definitely aka "Little Havana" for a reason... ;)

For sights: man, it's SoBe... everything is a sight. Just walk.

Re: Miami area resturant suggestions

Sat Nov 17, 2012 12:03 am

NICO <> When you said you hung out at Cale Ocho, I just assumed you were staying down South in SoBe. I looked up the Diplomat; Hollywood is pretty much Fort Lauderdale. All my recos are Miami Beach spots. Worth the drive, but you're much closer to Lauderdale Strip. Nothing like the days of Spring Break - the City cracked down on the scene following the malay the MTV era turned it into during the late 80's. Laudy is not South Beach... nothing close, but it can be a bit more gritty if you know where to look. "The Strip" runs from about Sunrise to Broward Blvds. on A1A. Bars/grilles/restaurants speckled all over. You can then run West on Broward through an affluent area that is all isles, like Venice, of gorgeous yachts & homes etc. That will bring you to Las Olas - another strip of life, but a little more sophisticated then the beach. Continue West to RiverWalk which is a touristy type 3 story tall mall on the river with a conglomerate of everything: gelato, movie theaters, bars, restaurants, retailers, etc. Then continue West to the Arts & Science District where it gets more party oriented. Live bands, techno clubs, hole in the wall watering holes, etc.

Canyon is a decent moderate to moderate-low price point restaurant on the North West end of all I described. Sublime is a Vegan restaurant up there that's does very well within those parameters... same price point. Owner's loaded and donates all profits to animal rescue. Thai Spice is great Thai with cool aquariums at a moderate to moderate-low price point... a bit North of everything else.

You're in Hollywood though which has Gulfstream Racetrack & Casino. Thoroughbred racing, poker, slots & the Villages has like 20 restaurants, bars & clubs. Check out Paladar if you like rum bars. Try the Ron Zacapa 23 year. 8-) They have flights, too. I was just at the one in Cleveland, but I'm sure this new one is just as nice. Hollywood has its own boardwalk, too, with shits & bits. Don King just put on a big MMA card there tonight. Shiite, that just made me remember yo have the Condit vs. GSP fight tomorrow. HARD ROCK! 30 minutes West of you is The Hard Rock Hotel complex. HUGE expanse of casino, hotel, restaurants, pools, theaters, clubs, retailers... it's huge & busy. It dwarfs Vegas in size... dwarfs.

If you want to be up all night, you're right by Scarlett's Cabaret... it's huge.

I don't know... I could write a book; if you need more, holler.

Re: Miami area resturant suggestions

Sat Nov 17, 2012 6:04 am

Thanks again gonna go check out the casino today for sure!!!!

Re: Miami area resturant suggestions

Sat Nov 17, 2012 9:05 am

NICO <> Image Gulfstream's around the corner, but The Seminole Hard Rock is no joke, dude...
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