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Masazumi and Yamashin questions.

Mon Dec 10, 2012 6:22 pm

Hi Mark, I'm studying for a new 240mm gyuto. Maybe a 270mm, if the range has it.

I'm currently looking at a few knives on your site, but I have a few questions about a few in particular.

First off, the Masazumi 240mm. You say its much like the Misono UX10, but its less than half the price. Could you give me any idea as to why its so much cheaper?

The Yamashin white #1 gyuto, would you be able to get that in a 240mm? How is the knife? Does it feel 'cheap'?

Your own Artifex, do you have any plans to get any 240mms with custom, wood handles?

Finally, do you consider the Tojiro bread knife better/worse/equal to the Mac one?

Are there any other knives that you think I should have a look at, 240mm gyuto, carbon/stainless, wa/yo, decent sharpener, price not too important, but bang for your buck is (if that makes sense)? You have such a huge selection that it feels quite overwhelming.

Hopefully you can find time to answer, I appreciate you must be busy. Thanks

Re: Masazumi and Yamashin questions.

Mon Dec 10, 2012 6:29 pm

The Masazumis are going to be popular knives. The price for good swedish steel knives here makes them a good value. I'm not sure why they are so cheap but I liked them when they were offered to me.

The yamashins are another one that are really moving. It's hard to find a white #1 steel knife at this price point and I really like the grinds on them. They don't offer a 240mm but if they sell as well as I suspect I'll try and convince them to expand the line just as I did with Tojiro with the ITK line.

I like the Mac but I like the Tojiro more. The handle is a little better and the serrations are better. The steel is about the same as the Mac. My artifex has better steel than both.
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