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Masakge Yuki and Goko Gyuto

Wed Dec 25, 2013 8:31 pm

After a lot of deliberation I ended up buying the Masakage Yuki Gyuto. Turns out, my wife also bought the Goko for a Christmas present, so now I have both. Figured I'd give some thoughts....

The Masakage is a really pretty knife, and the finish is great. The ferrule and handle are sanded so there is virtually no noticeable joint. Handle is natural and untreated, giving it a nice clean look. The blade is really pretty too.

The Goko is a nice looking blade, pictures don't do it justice. My only complaint is that the ferrule is shiny/plasticy, and the fit with the handle isn't nearly as good as the Masakage. The handle is a bit darker with a semi-gloss that I like a lot.

OOTB sharpness goes hands down to the Goko. Ridiculously sharp. Shaves hair off my arm with ease. The Masakage is sharp, but I suspect it can get much better with a bit of time on the stones. Being a beginner I'm doing some practice before I attempt any sharpening.

All in all very happy with both. I'd love to see Goko change the ferrule...even now its a fantastic knife and I can't stress how sharp it is...incredible.Glad I didn't have to choose just one! :D

Re: Masakge Yuki and Goko Gyuto

Wed Dec 25, 2013 10:22 pm

Keep that woman! LOL ;)

Sounds like you had a VERY nice Christmas indeed! :D

Even though I don't have it... yet... the plastic ferrule is about the only negative thing I can think of on the Goko. Given that the handle isn't all that important to me it is definitely not something that will deter me from buying one. I want it for the blade. :) That being said, the Masakage Yuki line of knives are VERY sexy looking... blades, handles, everything. If they perform half as good as they look... WOW! lol

Re: Masakge Yuki and Goko Gyuto

Thu Dec 26, 2013 5:02 am

Definately agree the Yuki is a fantastic looking knife the picture does,nt do it justice.
I was very impressed when i first opened the box
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