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Masakage Shimo steel?

Wed Jul 31, 2013 1:00 pm

Are Masakage Shimo knives made of all white #2 steel? Or is there some type of cladding, or some other steel mixed in?

Re: Masakage Shimo steel?

Wed Jul 31, 2013 1:12 pm

My original post is below - I mistakenly described the Shimo as a mono steel blade - it is NOT mono steel. Please ignore my information...

As far as I know, the Shimo line is a White #2 mono steel blade. There is a hammered pattern, but they are entirely made of White #2. Mark can correct me on this if I'm wrong. The Masakage web site lists them as simply Shirogami (White) #2 construction vs. other lines are described as clad, etc.
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Re: Masakage Shimo steel?

Wed Jul 31, 2013 1:57 pm

No, they're not made of solid white #2....they're damascus clad. What the damascus cladding is made of, I'm not sure.

Re: Masakage Shimo steel?

Wed Jul 31, 2013 2:17 pm

Thanks Adam. My bad.

Do you know if the Damascus cladding on the Tanaka Sekiso Blue #2 series is also Blue #2? Just curious.

Re: Masakage Shimo steel?

Wed Jul 31, 2013 2:45 pm

Okay, found the Masakage website. All the other clad lines specifically mention the cladding material, so I'm wondering. Or maybe it's some other kind of carbon steel?

Here's the description:
Kurosaki san is young for a blacksmith, but he has the skills. The 'X' Suminagashi pattern is made by a special hammer he designed. This series is named Shimo (frost) because the blade looks like frost on a window. These blades are not made with stainless steel and require a bit more care. Keep the blade dry to avoid tarnish and if you ever see a bit of rust on the blade remove it immediately with a coarse dish scrubber and soapy water.

Shirogami #2 carbon steel
Rockwell Hardness 61:63
Octagon handle of Magnolia wood and black pakka wood

Masakage Home Page: http://www.masakageknives.com/index.html

Re: Masakage Shimo steel?

Wed Jul 31, 2013 2:54 pm

Without asking Tanaka what he/they use for the cladding, I can't be absolutely certain....but:

No, it most likely would not be blue #2. First, the damascus is made up of at least two different materials and then etched....this is how you see the pattern. The two different metals react differently to the etching process, so they look different.

Secondly, blue steel (or any steel you'd see used for the cutting edge) is more expensive than whatever mild steel they use for the cladding. So, they'd be wasting money by buying the more expensive material......because the more expensive steel isn't necessary in the cladding. The cladding doesn't need to get hard, in fact that it stays soft during the HT is one of the supposed advantages).

Re: Masakage Shimo steel?

Wed Jul 31, 2013 3:00 pm

The Masakage Shimo knives are clad....I've seen them...well, one of them anyway.....and it was clad. It's a carbon cladding I'm pretty sure, not unlike the Tanaka knives we're also talking about in this thread.

You can tell from the pictures on CKTG that the Shimo line is clad too.

Re: Masakage Shimo steel?

Thu Aug 01, 2013 7:20 pm

Yes, they're clad. Whenever you see the damascus end right before the edge it's clad. Most damascus knives from japan use clad material. There are a select few that do their own damascus.

I would love to introduce some of my blacksmiths to Devin's steel.

Re: Masakage Shimo steel?

Fri Aug 02, 2013 12:15 am

That could be huge for him... 8-)
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