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Masakage Kumo line

Sat Sep 07, 2013 8:16 am

Hello everyone,

Quick intro for the 1st post; I'm Greg, in a kitchen, in Canada's Capital city. I just signed up here after finding and watching most of MrKnifeFanatic's YouTube channel the other day... must have burned though 35-40 of them on an overnight shift :\ As a result I now have a better understanding of what I'm looking for #cheers

Anyways, I just picked up my first proper knife about a month ago and am truly impressed and obsessed about it. I've been wanting a Honesuki for quite some time and after handling several, I promptly picked one and a nice bird up. Wow is all I can say, that bird just fell apart; before and after the grill yummy yummy!

So. I'm looking to expand on the Honesuki (150mm) with a Petty, Bunka or Nikiri and a Gyuto. I like the look of the Masakage Kumo, but this line has much to choose from. That said, I'm not against mixing things up a bit with other lines: I am planning on a sexy long Konosuke Sakura Sujihiki for the Sunday/holiday roasts...

- R Handed
- Bunka 170mm vs Nakiri 165mm, outside that box
- 160-170mm
- Like to avoid carbon, #lazyIam
- handle style doesn't really matter
- More than one bill, less than three
- I have been sharpening my set - do need finer stone
- Primary cutting board is 14"wx19"d

My searches here on this site hasn't really pulled anything up on the Kumo line or much on Bunka style... not sure why, but I'd welcome any comments/reviews on these - *cough* Mr Knife Fanatic *cough*

Sharp Knifes Rock

Oh I can't seem to find this Forum on TapaTalk - is this site set up for that? anyone else have it/not have it?

Re: Masakage Kumo line

Sat Sep 07, 2013 9:29 am

I didn't pick this line up because it's VG10 and there are oh so many knives using this steel. Maybe I should....

We do have Anryu-san's hammered knives on the site and I really like them. Perhaps give these a try:

Re: Masakage Kumo line

Mon Sep 09, 2013 2:20 am


Check out Yoshikane knives. With an extremely high carbon semi stainless blade it'll still patina but not give you the rust issues of a full carbon steel knife. The kumos are nice but there are much better options to VG10 in that price range. Haryuki SRS15 is also a great line to look at with it's mega hard stainless powder steel
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