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Maruyoshi Santoku Review

Sun Aug 12, 2012 12:45 pm

The Maruyoshi santoku is amazing. I have never had any knife that is even close to that sharp. I even compared it to a brand new razor blade and it thecuts paper 10x better than a razor. I did the tomato drop test against my old knife and the tomato bounced off the old knife, while the Maruyoshi split it right in two instantly. I've been bringing it with me everywhere with a note book to show my buddys how well it cuts. Its so much fun to use I'm buying more produce than normal.
It might take me while to appropriate the funds, but I'm thinking about the addict 2 or the richmond laser next. advice??
You can post my comments on the santoku as a review if you want one for that knife,

Re: Maruyoshi Santoku Review

Sun Aug 12, 2012 5:59 pm

I used my Takahisa Santoku (which is actually made by Ryusen, as is its twin, the Maruyoshi, and the Hattori HD) last night for the first time since sharpening it about a month ago and I was very impressed by both its sharpness and by the way it cut. Probably should use it more, although it is a bit redundant in that I have two Gyutos, two Petties, and a Nakiri made by the same manufacturer. Awesome knives, still my favorites.
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